Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weight Watcher's

Starting back at Weight Watcher's

Me ready to go to work at Weight Watcher's tonight!

Cole took this picture as he said I needed an update picture of myself for my book. I have a "before and after" book that has my pictures in it. The after pics I have in it right now are me from 2007. So yes, he is right I do need to update it LOL!

For those of you who don't know this, I worked for Weight Watcher's for about 8 months after I had lost 125 pounds with them. I was pregnant with Brynely when I had to quit as I was having gall bladder attacks (not fun, very painful). They have been calling me asking me to come back to work for I have decided to do it.

This me before I lost all (130 pounds) the weight...

It is hard to look at the old me...I can still feel how unhappy I was with myself. I debated whether or not to put my "fat pictures" on here as I don't like to see them myself...BUT, I have learned so much and each day is a new day. I am proud of myself for keeping the weight off. It is a daily battle for me...but a necessary one to keep things in prespective. Darn food...I enjoy it wayyyy to much!!

Advice that has changed me...
When I had lost 113 pounds and was still trying to lose about 12 more pounds, I recieved thee nicest email from Kent's Uncle Wayne (his Mom's brother) who at the time I really didn't know. We had been emailing back and forth and keeping in touch since we had met them back in 2005. They live in Ontario and I had only met him once...I hope he doesn't mind me posting what he said to me...but it had a BIG impact on me...this is what he said about my weight loss...

"Congratulations on your weight loss, I am glad you are happy with your accomplishment because the weight loss doesn't determine the person. You are a great person irrelevant of any weight and I want you to always remember that."

Uncle Wayne and Aunt Tanya Good

After I had read what he said it was like a light bulb went off in I knew what he was saying was true. I was letting my weight over run me and who "I thought I was" and what I thought people only saw...which was my weight. I cried and cried as I was so touched by his thoughtful words. I then realized he was right that I am so much more than "my weight."

Thank you Uncle Wayne for your kind words back in August 28, 2007!
They have changed how I precieve myself and look at myself =) Every now and again I re-read his email to remind myself when I get to caught up in my weight issues and when I feel helps me re-focus!

My weight is not ME...I am still ME whether I am big or not...does that make sense?

I work every Wednesday evening in Airdrie. It was SO good to walk in those doors tonight and see the leader that taught me each week. It truly felt like I was home! She is such a positive person and I really need to get a picture of her and I together as she has been a big part of my success as well. They were so welcoming and made it so easy to be back there. Being a support person to people who are losing weight is such a GREAT opportunity for being there for people!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for allowing me to be able to do this every week. It is a big adjustment, but we are making it happen as it is important for me to be there.


Erica said...

Wow Barb you look HOT HOT HOT!!
I can relate to this post as I used to have these cards from Spa Lady with my weight and measurements from all the way back to 1993 up to fairly recently and I would look at the ups and downs and wish for the body I've had (when I was 18 cuz THAT'S realistic). So a few months ago I shredded them. Because that's not me now and I must look forward and not backward and work with the life and person I am today. You have created a beautiful life for yourself and have a beautiful, strong, healthy body to go with it. Good for you girl!!!!!

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Barb you are a WONDERFUL person and one who WILL inspire all around you! I think it is fabulous that you are going to help at weight watchers. It's a place where you know where people are coming from and can truly help them and incourage them to do great things. You lost your weight in such a short time because you were so determined.....I personally think you've ALWAYS been BEAUTIFUL. I never even thought in my head "hey Barbs overweight" I just liked you cause you've always been so nice to me! - not to mention so fun and kind and a great sister in-law! Even when you were "over weight" you always took care of yourself, you still got up every morning and made yourself beautiful. You were always a stylin momma! So yes you are still a real knock out and I still think you are beautiful and I love how you've always been humble about your gives others the courage to do the same thing.....I constantly Barb lost so much, I can get in shape too (I've been going on 1 1/2 months now and I've lost 15 yaaa!!! but seriously it's with you in my mind! Seriously I think you need to write a book on all the other things you've also battled and triumphed over, seriously you are a hero to me! Love you!

Heather said...

Oh Barb! Thank you for always being so open and honest! First of all, you look SOOO amazing and I'm SOOO proud of you for keeping it off...THAT is THE big challenge! I completely know how you feel, and also have struggled with my weight going up and down. Currently, I'm at my goal weight, and love how I feel...but sometimes when I look in the mirror i still see the "fat Heather"'s usually takes a photograph of me to remind myself that I'm skinny. I just don't have the confidence yet...i still think of myself as fat.
Also, I've learned that losing weight doesn't make all your problems go away...or even make you's a work in progress....learning more about myself and how to be a good person whether I'm skinny or fat.
Anyway, I'm just SOOO proud of you! I've also thought of going to get a part time at WW, so then I'm FOREVER accountable for my weight. Now my goal is to STAY here... at this weight for the rest of my life...and be healthy and active! I feel great...and I'm glad to see how great you feel too!!!! Thanks for your wonderful example!!!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

You look extra your hair too!
Great honest write up and pictures.
Kent's Uncle Wayne hit it right...and I am so glad he told you that and helped you.
Congrats on your new WW job as you help other people and bless their lives.
Love you mega dearest daughter!!!

Barb Stanford said...

Thanks everyone!

It is a daily struggle...darn food! But I am happy with where I am at. Maintaining it is a WHOLE other thing...not easy...but working hard at it =) You ladies are good for my ego...I need to have you all email me daily to keep me smiling =)

Heather you are SO takes time for your mind to catch up and adjust to the "new you." I still struggle myself...and it frustrates me as I know I am very different than what I used to be, but my mind is still trying to catch up. Kent says I have a very warped perception of what my body type/shape is really like. It all takes time!! You look beautiful as well Heather and you have SO much to be proud of as well.

Johy CONGRATS on your weightloss...that is AWESOME! You can do it =)

sarah said...

You are absolutely gorgeous!!! I just adore you so much. You probably don't know how much I have always looked up to you and still do. You are such an amazing person and I think you are perfect just you being you!! luv ya tons xoxox

Lynn said...

Oh Barb! Way to go. You look so healthy now.....

However.... you are right about you always being who you are no matter what your size. Look at that gorgeous smile of yours. It was there then and it's still there now.

I can totally relate to getting your mind wrapped around being a different size. When I lost 50 pounds I always kept thinking I was still 50 pounds more even though I wasn't. I remember saying to someone that I couldn't sit in a chair of theirs because it was too small for me. They looked at me like I was weird. Oh yeah....that's right. I am no longer 50 pounds heavier. LOL! IT's hard to remember that.

Anyway....just wanted to tell you that I am SO happy you chose to post this. Very inspiring!!! I wish my oldest daughter could read this. She struggles so much about her weight issues. She has PCOS and there's not much she can do about that. So it will be a life long battle. I just want her to be the happy person that she once was. No matter what her size. She has a gorgeous smile...just like you. ; D

The Sorensen Bunch said...

THANK YOU for letting me read your blog. I HEART weight watchers...having just had my 5th (and probably last) baby, I am on a permanent quest to lose it for good. The ONLY success i have had is with weight watchers. Now just earning the money and getting my colicky baby under control--and I can pursue it there! You inspire me...I know it was still not easy to lose THAT MUCH! and I appreciate what you said about still being the person you are with or without the weight!Thank you

love- johy's friend...Sister Hutchings

Alicia Sorensen

OIMN said...

Wow! I miss all these posts b/c I follow you on facebook.

Great post. I always appreciate you being so honest in all your posts. Once this baby comes I have 50 pounds to lose. You completely motivate me! It's a daily battle as well for me. It's so easy to put on weight if I'm not watching! You've done so well keeping it off. And I totally agree with your uncle. Completely. Our weight is just a small part of's just hard to remember. :-)