Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend of HARD work!

60th Anniversary!

Kent's Mom's side of the family were all in Ontario celebrating his Nanny and Papa's 60th Anniversary on Saturday! They were all together having a big celebration so Sheri called for all of us here in Alberta to say we loved them and we were thinking of them. We SO wish we could have been there celebrating with them all.

HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY Nanny and Papa!!

Friday, June 11 roof!
We have been fighting with our insurance company since last August when our house got hit hard with hail. It damaged our roof and they of course didn't agree. It has been 10 months since the storm and they didn't give us much, but something is better than nothing...right?!

Kent up on our roof Friday afternoon trying to get a head start on it before all the guys show up. It is going to be A LOT of work...BUT it needs done badly! In the pictures you can see on the side of the house on the ground there was A LOT of garbage!! This accumulated all around the house throughout the poor plants got squished.

As you can see our house is 2 colors...nice eh! The darker color is the one we are going to be painting the whole outside of the house. Kent painted the whole side last year to show me what it would look like LOL...and it has stayed that way ever since. Sooooo, our hope (or should I say MY hope) is that it will finally get painted at some point this summer =)

Cole and Tyson were up there helping as much as they could...Cole helped, Tyson was dancing to the music on the roof more than anything ha! Daryl (Kent's cousin from Carstairs) and his brother Jeff were the first ones to show up to help Friday afternoon.

So, I went outside to look up on the roof to see how the guys are doing....and this is what I see...Cole looking like...well, for a lack of better words a hill billie LOL! Cole had ripped his sleeves off his shirt and so now it looks like a "muscle shirt" so to speak...but a horrible one.

Cole was laughing as he knew what I was thinking...he thought it was great! I just shook my head and walked away.

By 5pm Friday Kent had all his help there...his cousins Daryl, Derek and Dean, his brothers Jeff, Mike and Gary and brother in law Darren...and of course Cole and Tyson. We were SO thankful for all the help! I BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs for supper for everyone. They worked until about 10 p.m. that night. They got WAY more done than Kent thought they would so he was so pleased that they got such a good start on it all. Our neighbor to the back of us (whom we have never met) saw Kent on our roof and asked him if he would like to borrow one of his roof nailers...Kent was so shocked, but was grateful as they needed another one for sure. And it was put to good use!

Saturday, June 12 2010
Kent was up by 6:30 a.m. and in Airdrie picking up some supplies that they needed for the day.

Everyone slowly started filtering in throughout the morning. Saturday was actually Jeff's 30th Birthday so we appreciate him doing this for us on his big day.

Sheri (Kent's sister) was brave and actually got up on our roof. It took her a couple of tries (and people helping her) but she did it! I asked her once she got up there how she was going to get down and she laughed and said she wasn't sure LOL! She was up there the whole time working and helping out. Her and her 2 boys Taylor (10 years old) and Josh (9 years old) came and helped all day Saturday as well.

Brynley had a good time playing and dancing on the plywood that was on the ground. She kept trying to climb up the ladder as she wanted to be with everyone on the roof.

Almost done...

This is all of our hard workers on the last peak of the roof. Everyone was SO hot and tired! Our neighbors to the North of us brought over popsicles for nice!

The 4 boys little boys (which I guess aren't so "little" anymore) were happy to be up there and helping...that is until they got yelled at every now and again. It is nice that they are all at an age where they can be good helpers....and they really were a BIG help!

The front view of our house and all the mess!

Much to our shock, they were ALL done the roof by 5 p.m. Saturday. It looks great! The weather cooperated finally, so therefore everyone was exhausted sore had sun burns. It was a long couple of days of hard work...and we are SO incrediably grateful for ALL the help!

Brynley's "trampoline hair"...

She is a beauty!

This is what happens to Bryn's hair when she plays on the trampoline...major static! I took this picture and then showed her as she wanted to see it...she looked at it and furrowed her brows and said, "Ewwww!" LOL Brynley was having fun on the trampoline with me while Kent and his cousin Daryl were on our roof Friday afternoon starting to reshingle it.

Brynley can do a new "trick"...she can swing from the bar of the trampoline ha ha! She is quite pleased with herself and giggles as she does it. She also thinks it is pretty cool that she can run right under the trampoline...she is at a perfect height where she can do that. One of these days she will all of a sudden be too tall and smoke her head on the bar!

Brynley kept looking up on the roof as the kids would yell to her and wave throughout the day Satuday...

I love this picture I captured of her looking up at them!

Afterwards we went over to Jeff and Melanie's to celebrate Jeff's 30th Birthday. Everyone had brought appetizer's and drinks, so there was lot's of good food. The guys all planned on watching U.F.C. (Ultimate Fighting Championship) together. Us girls hung out downstairs and visited while all the kids played outside.



Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Those pictures of all the kids on the roof remind me when we would redue our roof....all of us up there no matter the age and all working hard to get it done...I love those memories. Love Brynley looking up at them, that is a great picture. I reall like the picture of the 60th ann. I love how she grabs hime and pulls her in a kiss! Love it!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Wow so neat to see everyone working so hard and it is done!!! Yeah new roof! Nice that the neighors offered the nailer and then the other the popsicles. Woohoo!

Brynley's trampoline hair is a literally ! lol
The other picture of her looking up is adorable and ever so sweet. You really caught the moment. The saying on her shirt is so her.


Lynn said...

LOL!!! I love your nanny grabbing papa's shirt and planting a big ole' kiss on his lips.....I hope I can be just like her when I grow up.

I totally get the stress and frustration on fighting with your insurance company over the damage on your roof! We just went through the same thing just last year....over a year's worth of fighting. Everybody else getting their roof done around ya' with no problemo....but "your" insurance company feels like there was no hail damage at all to "your" roof.....Hmmm........something screwy there for sure!

But it looks great! What a great crew you had.

By the way.....Dean's has brothers named Darin, Daryl and so I thought that was funny when I read Kent's cousins names. Three out of the four matching.