Monday, June 28, 2010

New addition to the family!

Last Monday (June, 14 2010) Kent and I decided to look at what dogs where on Kijiji in Calgary and surrounding area...and just so we are clear...this was ALL Kent's idea (true story LOL)! We were curious, but were not at all serious about getting a dog as we have had a few (to say the least) and they never work out for us. Mind you we have usually had smaller dogs that I like, that don't shed and they are puppies...whom we never could potty train!

This time we were looking at older dogs, house trained, good with kids, shots up to date, neutered, does well around other animals and mannered dogs that Kent might like (so of course they were larger dogs). Much to our surprise there were actually quite a few. So we sent emails out asking questions that we if they were good with kids etc.

One dog stood out to us right away...a yellow lab (named Buddy) that was 2 1/2 years old. The family that had him was in the middle of a divorce and had to get rid of him A.S.A.P. didn't want any money for him and he came with a kennel, some toys, collar and leash. We contacted the owner and Kent, Brynley and I went and saw the dog. The boys had NO IDEA we were doing this. But we wanted Bryn with us to see how the dog would interact with her.

The dog was VERY friendly! It would sit or lay down if we told him to and would bring his toy back to us after we threw it for him...AMAZING!! It also amazed
us how good he was being with Brynley. She would hold onto his tail and he pretty much was walking her around the living room. She would jump on him, hit him, pinch him etc and he was just putting up with it. We of course we panicking and getting her off of him and getting after her every time she hurt him. But she liked him so much and just wouldn't leave him alone. We told the owner we wanted to talk about it and we would get back to we had another dog to go see first. Saw the other dog and we knew right away the yellow lab was a perfect match.

We slept on it and talked more about it and decided our whole family would really benefit from having this dog. It would help us be more active and outside m
ore...go on walks etc. In the morning Kent told the boys what we were thinking...the boys were so excited! We wanted the boys to meet Buddy first to see what they thought of him as well...and how Buddy would interact with them too. I wasn't there as I was working, but Kent said it was neat to see them with this dog. The boys were thrilled and really liked him. The owner told Kent we could try him out for a week to see if he would work out for us or not...we thought that was a perfect idea! So the next day we went and got him and brought him home.


came to our house Thursday, June 17 2010

Cole and Buddy hanging out on our floor in our bedroom at the foot of our bed. ya think Cole likes him??

We had told the boys we weren't getting him so when they got home from school and walked in the door and there was Buddy they couldn't believe it ha ha!

Brynley and Buddy

Brynley trying to get her rubber boots on so she can go out and play with Buddy.

The first morning when Bryn woke up and saw Buddy she flipped out and started squealing and screaming so she could go outside and be with Buddy. She hadn't eaten breakfast yet, was in her jammies still and needed to be changed.

Bryn trying to kiss Buddy

Once she realized she wasn't going out yet she climbed into her little wagon and sat and starred outside at Buddy.

Time out...
Brynley LOVES Buddy so much that she is SO mean to him. She pinches him, sits on him and bounces, bites him, pulls his tail and ears etc...

Brynley in her TIME OUT spot!

So since she isn't being nice...Bryn has had quite a few time outs since Buddy has been in our home. He is so good and just gives her a nudge with is nose if he has had enough or if she is hurting him. She is so rough and needs to learn to be more gentle!

Her being so mean to him was making us lean towards NOT keeping him as we didn't think it was fair to him. We all really liked him and couldn't ask for a better dog...he truly is thee best dog! BUT, Bryn just doesn't leave him alone and we feel so bad for the poor dog.

On Sunday, June 20 we came home from church and let Buddy in the house to see us. He came in so happy to see us and us happy to see him of course. Brynley giggled as he went right up to her and started licking her. She ran away and he followed her all over nudging her with his nose and playing with her. I don't know who was more happy to see who...we couldn't believe what we were seeing! Seriously I can't even tell you how mean to him she is...but yet here he is loving her and so happy to see her!

Buddy under the trampoline playing with one of his toys.

Bryn says, "owwww" for meow and says it like she is singing cute. Dog is a growling sound.

She loves the show Air Buddies (dog show) and at the end of the show they all howl...well Brynley howls right along with them...sooooo funny! Then the music starts and she dances around my room.

The BIG decision...
We decided to keep Buddy as we just couldn't imagine not having him in our home after seeing him with the kids!

I called his owner Amanda Thursday morning (June 24) to let her know we wanted to keep him. She was thrilled as she really liked us and felt comfortable with us keeping him. She couldn't find any of his info/paper work so she gave me the name of the vet she had been taking him to so I could get all of his info. She also said she would call the S.P.C.A. (where she got Buddy from) right away to get his tattoo info changed to our info. That way if he ever gets lost our info will be what someone can access to call and find us.

After being on the phone with the vet we realized Amanda hadn't been totally honest about a few things. Not a big deal, just don't know why she lied...frustrating! The vet was great and faxed all of Buddies info to the vet here in Crossfield for us.

Then I called the S.P.C.A. in Calgary to try to get some more information on Buddy as that is where Amanda had gotten him from.

I gave them his tattoo number that they had given him in his ear and the lady said, "ohhhh he is so is Manny?"

I was a little surprised and said, "Manny? His name was Manny? His name is now Buddy at least that is what the previous owner named him."

The lady at the S.P.C.A. said they have a picture of him from when he was 3 months old and asked if I wanted it. I said YES of course and she emailed it to me right away!

She asked me if he has any separation issues or anything like that and I said no he is great. She was surprised, but happy about that.

Baby Buddy...3 months old at the S.P.C.A.

I was so happy she sent me this picture and she then faxed me all of his info that they had for him. I thought that was so nice of her to offer that.

I asked if Amanda had called as she had said she was going to do that as soon as we hung up (that was about 2 hours earlier)..the lady said no that Buddies info hasn't been changed as of yet. I was frustrated as I realized if Amanda didn't call in then the S.P.C.A. wouldn't change his tattoo info and therefore she would be the one that would get the call if he was lost and essentially she could take him back. So I am giving her until today and if she still hasn't done it I will keep calling her...and hopefully she answers!

Having him has made us be outside A LOT m
ore and has brought a lot of happiness to our family. He is a big dog so he is mostly outside. So far so good! The kids are constantly smiling and Kent and I are really enjoying having him too.

I told my Mom that this time around it has been SO different as usually we get puppies and that is A LOT of work with potty training etc...we don't have to go through any potty training, sleepless nights (cause he isn't a baby) or any of those pains of having a baby puppy since Buddy is past all is AWESOME!!!

He knows to sit, come, fetches his toys, so gentle, stay! We can take him to the park and take him off leash to run around and play. When it is time to go we call him and he comes right away. The one thing we do need to work on with him right away is how to walk with us when we take him for a walk on a leash NOT him talking us or a walk ha ha!

We are going to keep his name as Buddy since he knows it so well and Brynley does too...she calls him "Buyie" (Buddy without the d sounds).


Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

What a cute dog! You are a brave woman to do that, but like you said he's already trained so that will make the world of a difference. And hey if Kents on board than your good to go hey! The kids will LOVE Buddy, what a cute name. I think the bigger dog is the best way to go. The boys can actually wrestle with him and he can actually fetch balls and run into lakes and stuff with them too. And he'll make a good gaurd dog at your camping spot! Plus you have a good yard and a garage for him if he's a messer so your good to go! Have a blast with him.
Cole we are glad you had a good scout camp. Your lucky your first one wasn't a winter one eh!!LOL

Lynn said...

Welcome to your new family member! CamiLynn would be SO jealous if she knew. She wants a dog in the worst way!!!!!!!! She will have one the second she leaves our home, she says. LOL!