Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I decided to put Brynley in a Gymnastics/Tumbling Class out here in Crossfield. They have a great Gymnastics and Sports Training Facility right here in town called Trickt Out. Brynley is almost 3 years old and needs to be in something to get her energy out. She had her first class yesterday Tuesday, September 13th 2011.
I have to say I was really impressed with this place. It is really, really nicely set up.The lobby is like a really nice sitting room with tables and couches. So when the kids are doing their class you can either sit in the gym and watch or go sit in the lobby and relax and get comfy!

 It is run by 2 ladies who are twin sisters. When I first took Bryn back to the gym area her eyes lit up as the colors are so bright in there and it is a big place. She was smiling ear to ear and said, 

"Mum, I go play, please, I go play?"

 My friend Kelly put her daughter Kamryn in as well. Kamryn is only 2 months older than Bryn. They were so cute as they both were a little reluctant to be there and as they were unsure what was going on.
When the instructor called them to come over to begin the class Kamryn grabbed onto Bryn's hand and they walked out there was SO cute!! They kept looking at each other smiling and giggling.

 I was surprised with how shy Brynley was with the instructor. The instructor would do something like show them how to fall on the mat and Bryn would just look at her and then slowly turn and look at me like, what the? It was really funny! 

Whatever Kamryn did Brynley did. I had to laugh as Brynley would all of a sudden take off and go jump on the trampoline or go down the slide. It was so funny to see her in action and so, so happy! She got a lot of energy out. 
 Brynley really enjoyed the balance beam and the little obstacle course they had them do. They did that over and over and over.

I had to laugh when Kelly and Kamryn arrived as Kelly had bought Karmyn this cut little gymnastics sparkly outfit. She looked so cute! We may have to go and check out one for Bryn as it was just too cute.  

When Brynley was done and we were on our way home Bryn said, 

"Mum, me play there again, please?" 

She LOVED it!! This was her first time being in anything structured like this (besides nursery at church). She will get the hang of it. Watching her made me realize how big she is getting. Our baby girl is growing up so quickly. {{sigh}}


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Thank you , thank you, thank you for the pictures and write up. I have watched them about four times and enlarging the pictures really big to see her expressions and such. She was so shy it really showed but NEXT time you will see her not so shy perhaps.
Loved them all. Love her and love you....ah I needed to see fun. Her hair is really getting it! Hugs MOM

Lynn said...

What a fun place! Looks perfect for her.