Monday, September 12, 2011

We will never forget!

10 years ago on Sept 11, 2001 Kent and I were on our first official vacation get away together down to Cancun Mexico...we were SO excited to be down there! We had only been there a couple of days. 

Sept 11, 2001 morning Kent wasn't feeling good so he was in the bathroom. I turned the T.V. on as I waited for him to come out. I thought it was strange that every Chanel had the same thing on it...a building on fire and people running. None of the channels I was on were English so I truly had no idea what was going on...I thought it was a movie to be honest. I kept turning the channel hoping to find one that spoke English and I finally found one. As I watched what was on the news I was horrified at what I was seeing and hearing. 
 This is our hotel room in Cancun. I sat on the edge of the bed watching the T.V. in disbelief at what I was seeing and hearing.

As I watched the T.V. screen, scrolling across the bottom of the screen it said, 

"all planes grounded in the U.S. and no flights allowed over the U.S."

I started to cry as I thought of our little boys (Cole was 3 1/2 and Tyson was 1 years old) and how were we going to get home to them. I was telling Kent all that was going on on the T.V. while he was sick in the bathroom. He was so calm about it all and told me everything would be ok. Him being so calm helped me a lot!

It was a very somber feeling when we made it down to the dining area for breakfast. It was very quiet! People looked like they were in shock and some were crying. An older couple sitting next to us began to talk to us and told us they were from N.Y. And that they had been trying to call their son as he worked in one of the Towers and they couldn't get a hold of him. What do you say to that? We listened as they told us stories of other family and friends that they were worried about as well that they couldn't get a hold of. We tried to distract them by asking where they had traveled all their lives and listening to them speak happily about that.

Staff at our hotel and on the excursions we went on were AMAZING! So kind and doing all they could to make the best of us being there. We were able to go home on our scheduled flight 5 days later. I was petrified the whole flight home. But once we landed and we were safely home I remember being SO thankful to be home and with our boys again!

 This is one of the songs/videos that really touched me right after 9/11 happened. Celine Dion did such a good job!

This one made me cry and still does. Whoever came up with it did such a good job. 

I will never forget that day and all that I felt!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Beautiful special blog. I had not seen that commentary touching and a keeper! We were so blessed to get you home safely. Blessed ever day! Love you.

Lynn said...

Wow Barb! I had no idea. I would of been so worried too, if I was that far away from home and my kids. I can see why that day would never be forgotten. So glad things turned out all right for you. Hope you enjoyed some of your time there despite it all.