Thursday, September 15, 2011


This little girl of ours has quite the personality. She has THEE roughest, growly voice and doesn't have a "quiet button!" She is a Stanford through and through with how LOUD she is ALL the time LOL!
Brynley LOVES to play dress up! She can run (really fast even) in her princess dress up shoes. And she walks quite loudly on the slate floor with them as she likes the clicking sound they make ha ha.

Brynley would go out in public all dressed up like this if I let her...but I am a mean Mom and I don't let her! It is quite the fight to get her out of it all when we are needing to go out.

Kent, Brynley and I were all laying on our bed when Brynley put one of her dollies crowns on Kent's head and said,

"awww Daddy, you so cute!"
 She kissed him over and over and was just giggling looking at him with this crown on his head.
Brynley and Daddy playing dress up.

I have to say I regret ever painting Miss Brynley's finger nails and toes nails. Because now when ever the paint is chipped (which is within minutes) she wants them "fixed" again! So I have had to hide the finger nail polish as she was out of control with wanting them done all the time ha ha!!

She is SO rough and has always been this way. She has made her brothers cry before when she has been playing with them and...she is almost 3 years old and her brothers are 13 1/2 years old and almost 11 years old! She seriously laughs the hardest when she has hurt someone...she thinks it is so funny!

For some reason lately Brynley is always stripping down. She loves to be naked! Trying to get her clothes back on is quite the task as you have to be able to catch her first...she is a FAST little sucker!!

Since around August Brynley every now and again will call us by our first names, Barb and Kent. She hears everyone else call us that (including our foster kids) so she figures that is your name and that is what I will call you. So I told her to call me Mommy and she said, 

"ya, you Mummy Barb!" ha ha

She cracks us up multiple times each day with things she does or new words she is saying. Like now she says 

"oh my goodness" all the funny! Another word she says a lot is "sheesh." She says it like we are annoying "sheesh Mum" or to whomever is in her way at that moment LOL!
If something ever stinks she always says, "Cole did it" and then she laughs and laughs. We all laugh so hard and poor Cole doesn't know why she always thinks it is him that did it. 

She always has to hug and kiss each one of us goodbye or good night...even our foster son Nathaniel doesn't escape her big hugs and wet kisses. She will run out the door to whomever is leaving and chase them until she gets a hug and kiss goodbye...the boys think she is crazy LOL!
In August we are at swimming lessons and Bryn and I were watching Ty and Nate swim. I was trying to take pictures of the boys swimming when I got a tap on my shoulder and a man asks me if that is my daughter? He pointed up on the water slide (which isn't in use and is dry)...yep, there is Brynley tip toeing up the water slide with the biggest grin on her face!!! NICE LOL!! She is so mischievous.

One day when Kent was leaving for work Brynley was having a bath. She heard Kent saying goodbye to me and she said with the sweetest little voice,  

"Daddy hum (come) here a hug and kiss me bye!" 

Kent and I couldn't help but smile and laugh. She helped start Kent's day off with a BIG smile and feeling so loved!

Brynley is a dramatic, energetic, feisty, cuddly and fun loving little girl! As exhausted as I am at the end of each day from trying to keep up with her...I wouldn't change a thing!

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Gayla Woolf Holt said...

You are right Barb, we wouldn't change her at all.
She is wonderfully herself and is so happy! much love...MOM