Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girls weekend!

We have been planning this Girl's weekend for a few months now. The last time we did a girls weekend was 2 years ago August 2008 when most of us were pregnant. So fun!

So we thought it was time to do it again. This time Sheri Melanson, Melanie Stanford, Emily Stanford and I all went...the rest of the girls couldn't come. We decided to try out Kalispell this time as we went to Great Falls last time. The drive to Kalispell is way nicer, but the shopping was about the same. No better really, no worse than Great least that is what I think.

Where do I begin...first of all, can I say I have THEE prettiest sister in laws!! They are all pretty natural too...darn them ha ha!! I am the oldest of all of them and let me tell you do I ever feel it and look it...they are too cute!

This is us...Barb, Sheri, Melanie and Emily!

Let me explain the hats...we were walking downtown Kalispell on Saturday checking out all the little shops. And we came across this place that had the neatest stuff in it. We had a good time trying on all these different hats from all sorts of different era' fun!! I love hats...I don't look the greatest in them...but they are fun!

Ok, so now I need to rewind a little bit and start at the beginning...we left Crossfield Friday, July 30 around 8 a.m. Sheri picked us all up. Emily stayed the night at Melanie's as she is from Strathmore and this just made it easier. It felt like Christmas as it was so exciting and I couldn't wait to get on the road.

The trip down was long as we went over Logan's Pass and there was lot's of construction on it. But atleast the view was pretty. We even got pulled over cause Sheri was speeding ha ha!

We arrived in Kalispell at our hotel around 4 p.m. I think it was. So we checked in (lets just say our hotel was dated) and then went and did some shopping before we had supper. We ate supper at Ihop and that was actually really good...but very filling!

Friday night we went and saw this movie.

Good movie...tear jerker for sure!

Saturday we did LOT's of shopping. And found some interesting stores and checked them the hat place. Emily did the most buying and shopping out of all of us I must say. Our backs and feet hurt, but it was all good.

We went into this Antique store and they had these cool Knights helmets that we just had to try on. I am in the top left corner then Sheri, then Melanie and Emily. They were VERY heavy and stinky LOL!

The weather was pretty rained one evening and a little part of one day. I have to say I was amazed with how many Cardston people I saw down there. We even ran into Kent's Aunt Ruth and her husband.

For supper we went to this Mongoli Grill place. I was hesitant as I have never ate at a place like that...let's just say it was DELICIOUS! I am so glad we went...I have been craving it ever since.

Our chef was showing off for us as we waited for him to cook our food.

Saturday evening we saw another movie...

Typical Angelina Jolie movie...Mission Impossible like.

Sunday was not our typical day...
Yes we were bad and went shopping on Sunday. We were at Costco shopping and we all got so tired. You can see Emily and Melanie sitting on the couches in the top picture. We were all just dragging and wanting to be lazy! We tried to pack in everything we needed to as this was our last day to get things done.
Sheri went and grabbed herself a bath mat and layed on a bed in the Costco. Melanie and I had been sitting on the couch for quite a while and then Emily joined us. We sat there for quite a while and it was funny to watch people looking at Sheri laying on the bed as they walked by.

We decided to go to dinner at this yummy BBQ place (Dave's BBQ or something like that).

This is my was A LOT of food...but ohhhh so good!

Emily and Sheri enjoying their meal...they weren't happy that I took this picture LOL!

After we were done eating we rolled ourselves over to the movie theater for one last movie...too funny that we saw a movie EVERY night. Going to a movie is something we don't get to do as often as we would like to having a little one and all. So it was fun to be able to do this!

This movie had us laughing and was pretty good. Our boys will like it for sure!

When we got into the theater we were the ONLY ones there. It wasn't a huge theater, but we were still surprised it was just us in there. Funny thing is is that we all went and sat in different rows and put our feet up. We were laughing about it and I said,

"too bad someone wasn't here to take a picture for us."

And then this guy came around the corner and said,

"I'll do it!"

We all laughed as he shocked us.

The picture isn't great but here we are. All 4 of us sitting in our different rows. I am at the top in the back row, Emily, Sheri and then Melanie.

The guy who took our picture is from Grand Prairie but lives in Cleveland with his wife. So we visited with them and were cracking jokes before the movie.

Monday morning...

Trying to pack everything in the back of Sheri's vehicle. There was an older couple sitting on their balcony watching us get it all packed in. They said they weren't sure we were going to be able to get it all in there and had fun watching us figure it all out LOL!

We stayed at the Travel Lodge downtown Kalispell. It was OLD, but the location was good. The mall was right close by as well.

On our way home...

Emily wanted to stop at this cute market on our way home to get Gary some Huckleberry stuff. The market was called the Huckleberry Patch. It had lot's of random things in there. There was even a little cafe with ice cream and treats and food.

This stand of stuff made us all laugh and I just had to take a picture...

I was tempted to buy this for Kent (wink, wink)

There was all these HILARIOUS signs with funny sayings on them and this one was my favorite by far...

This sign is hard to read but it says:

Go Braless...
It'll pull the wrinkles

out of your face!
( funny is that!)

We each got some ice cream and treats and this is the view we saw as we came out of the pretty!

We arrived back home around 7 p.m. on Monday. It was good to be back home. It was a great trip and we had some fun talks in the vehicle.

What was said in the vehicle STAYS in the vehicle...RIGHT GIRLS!!!

It was nice to come home to happy faces and so many hugs and kisses...even Buddy was happy to see me. I felt VERY loved and missed!

Thanks girls it was SO MUCH fun! I am glad we did it and look forward to the next time =)

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Lynn said...

What a blast!!!

I laughed so hard at the guy taking the photo of you all in your own theatre seat rows and then at the older couple who was "watching" you guys pack up.....creepy but hilarious!!!