Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lake

Boating on Glennifer Lake
Saturday, July 24 2010

We haven't had much of a Summer because of the horrible weather we have been having. So this past Saturday was the first time we all were able to go on the boat. The weather was awesome...FINALLY!!

Kent (our kids) and Jeff and his son Logan went up before Melanie and her girls and I. I had a hair appointment early Saturday morning in Airdrie (which was booked 2 months ago) and so Melanie waited for me to be done so we could go up together. That way we wouldn't have 2 of our vehicles up at the lake. Thanks Melanie, that was VERY kind and helpful! So yes, I had my hair done and then went boating...very backwards but what can ya do LOL!

Kent doing what he loves to the boat, be on the boat and simply having fun with everyone! Handsome isn't he =)

Brynley and I playing on the beach in the sand together.

Cute bathing suit
front view

Brynley and her oh-so cute bathing suit! The ruffles were the cutest part. As she walked they would bounce up and it!

back view
As you can see there was sand/mud that she got all over it from playing on the beach. So the suit is ruined as I can get the brown out of it. Oh well, at least she has 3 others suits still ha ha!

The greatest Auntie's ever...

Aunt Sheri helping Bryn get water in the bucket to take up to the beach.

Sheri and her family were at the beach with all of us and she joined in helping the kids bring water to there big hole they had dug in the sand.

Brynley is funny when she sees Aunt Melanie as she always wants Melanie to hold her or be with her. Melanie is always good about it and Brynley eats it up =)

Aunt Melanie spent a lot of time with Bryn in the water as Brynley kept trying to kick at the waves as they came in. It is so fun to watch her! She had such a good time that day.

The tube...
Jade (cousin) and Tyson on the tube. They did really well and didn't fall off. Mind you Kent is careful with them to make sure they don't fall off.

Brynley was really good about wearing her life jacket on the boat. But it was funny to watch her as she literally could hardly move when she had it on.

Uncle Jeff, Kori (cousin), Aunt Melanie, Bryn and Avery (cousin)

Kori, Jade and Brynley

Bryn wanted to be with Aunt Melanie on the boat. And then when her Kori and Jade decided to come sit up front by me, Bryn followed.

Jeff getting ready to wake board behind the boat. Bryn loved to be right there watching whoever when they were getting ready to be pulled behind the boat.

Brynley was cute cause after listening so many times to us saying,
"are you ready"
(to whoever was in the water)
she turned to us and said,
"eddy, et, go!" (ready, set, go) and pointed her finger like go...

Jeff did really well and got up right away. The water was really choppy that day cause of the wind, but he still managed to get up.

Brynley fell asleep in my arms on the boat while we were out.

I love that quiet/snuggle is the best! After a while we just laid her down out of the way and continued to drive around and have fun on the boat. She slept for about an hour =)

Cole, Logan (cousin) and Tyson on the tube coming back in.

Jeff and Kent were in the boat pulling the boys. I am not sure who was happier the little boys on the tube or the men on the boat. We were all so happy to be at the lake!

Brynley and Avery (cousin)
Avery is 4 months younger than Brynley. They both had a lot of fun playing in the sand and getting COVERED in it.

Kent wake boarding...

I had a hard time getting a good shot of Kent because of the glare from the water and the sun.

It was fun to watch him do it and try new things while he was out there. The water was VERY choppy, but he did really well. Brynley was sitting on my lap on the boat facing Kent as he was out there and she kept waving at Kent and saying, "yeah!" She was very proud of her Daddy!

Jade and Tyson...
how cute is Jade eh?!

Jade and Ty had fun playing in the water. It amazes me to watch all of these kids...they seem to be getting so big so fast! I love that they all get along so well.

The 4 boys...Cole, Taylor, Josh and Tyson!
I wasn't out on the boat when the older 4 boys were out being pulled on the tube and jumping off the boat. So of course there are not many pictures of them...DARN!!

Cole and Taylor (cousin)

But, from what I was told they had a GREAT time out there. Kent always stops the boat out in the middle of the lake and then they play who has the best dive and so they all dive off the boat and Jeff and Kent are the judges. They do this with all sorts of things...all 4 boys ALWAYS end up being first with something they do =)

Being typical boys they had a mud fight out in the water.

Tyson and Taylor began making a big mud ball on the beach. Tyson then decided to cover himself with the mud...and much to our surprise the mud almost was greenish in color. Melanie teased Tyson and said, "you look like Hulk" then he started acting like Hulk and flexing his muscles ha ha!

I bought some sand toys from the dollar store and they had these cute butterflies. The kids really liked them. This was Bryn's first time doing all of this...well, that she can remember anyways. She was in her glory!

Jeff, Tyson and Barb
So Tyson begged me to get on the tube with him...and I caved...even though I was scared to death! When you get thrown off of the tube it can hurt something fierce!

All 3 of us got thrown off at one point and I was launched over top of both of them...I thought for sure I had broken my neck with how I hit the water. So when I reached up out of the water to try to figure out which end was up I ended up punching Tyson in the head LOL! I didn't realize he was so close to me in the water.

We all got back on and tried it again. We had just got going when the tube hit a wave just right and it literally bucked me off of the tube...I went FLYING!!

As I am in the water I could hear Jeff and Tyson LAUGHING their heads off as they never fell off...somehow they managed to hold on. So I was the only one in the water this was FREEEEEZING!!

Me trying to pull my sore aching body onto the boat was not the most graceful thing ha ha...I was exhausted!

Barb in the drivers seat!
Kent and Jeff wanted a turn on the tube so Kent gave me a quick lesson on how to drive the boat. I couldn't believe they were actually going to trust me to pull them on the tube ha ha...revenge was sweet...mwhahahaha!!

It was really fun driving the boat...Tyson took this picture of me.

I quite enjoyed myself...hearing the shrieks of my brother in law and husband screaming like little girls was AWESOME!!

Actually I didn't torture them and they said I did a really good job and gave them a fun ride.

Barb, Brynley, Kent and Jade

It was near the end of the day and we were heading back into shore. So we piled onto the tube with Bryn and Jeff ever-so-slowly pulled us. She enjoyed it and had the biggest grin on her face. I will be honest...I was a nervous wreck the whole time she was on there LOL!

It was such a fun day from beginning to end. I am so glad we were able to go boating FINALLY!!


Barb Stanford said...

Looks like an awesome good time. Want to bring your boat down here? We wish! So think you need to move closer (ha, ha).


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

AWesome write up and terrific pictures! Love you all.

The Stanfords said...

Hey, did you know we were there too? We played with Cole, Tyson, and Logan for a while on the beach and ended up having to go before the boat came back to shore. Ah, well, next time!

Barb Stanford said...

Emily, Cole did tell us you were there for a little bit...sorry we missed you guys!

Lynn said...

LOL!!! I LOVED this post.. What an awesome time you guys always seem to have together.

I just about peed my pants when I read this:

"I couldn't believe they were actually going to trust me to pull them on the tube ha ha...revenge was sweet...mwhahahaha!!"

LOL!!! Hilarious!

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Barb! I serisouly love your hair that color, it's darker. At first I was like who's that (when I couldn't see your face) and then I saw a picture down further and it was you....I like it!!! You are so lucky you can do that, I think that would be fun.....but it'll never happen!