Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Airdrie 1st Ward and Luxstone Branch Breakfast

Saturday, July 3 our Ward (Airdrie 1st Ward) and the Luxstone Branch put on a free pancake breakfast for everyone...public included! It was Airdrie's rodeo days so what better time to do it.

There was a pretty good turn out and the kids had a great time!

Kent was asked to help out with making the food and setting up and what not. When the kids and I arrived he was having a good time making pancakes and joking around with everyone. That is what he does best...teasing everyone!

His apron made everyone says Pampered Bride! ha
It was one that someone brought so he put it on not realizing what it said...too funny!

Bryn was more interested in petting the dogs that were there. That girl can't NOT go touch an animal if she sees on. The boys were being so good and sat and ate and then went and played.

Actually Cole got asked to go help mow a families law that is in our ward. They just found out there 5 year old has leukemia and so they are needing lot's of help as they have 2 younger children as well. Cole was happy to go help out.

Tyson and alot of kids were off to the side drawing on the cement with chalk. There was drawings all over the parking was great! The kids were running around and happy and the weather was even nice.

I am glad that we went to this as it was nice to sit and visit and get to know people. We don't attend many of our ward things...not cause we don't want to, but either cause we are gone OR just can't make it cause we don't have a babysitter or whatever the case may be.

Kent and I talked about it a couple of weeks ago that we need to try harder to be more apart of our ward. So this way we will feel more apart of the ward and get to know other people. We have been in this ward for 4 years now and we still don't really know too many people.

This has been the hardest ward for us as it isn't the friendliest you go to church, keep to yourself and then go home. Not good! But it is getting better and WE are trying harder ourselves so that has really helped. So going to this was fun!

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