Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cole's 1st Young Men's Camp!

Cole was excited to pack and get ready for YM's camp. He was leaving Wednesday, July 14 - Saturday, July 17th 2010. They headed about 50 minutes north of they were to far.

Cole checking over his list and gathering everything he needed for his camping trip.

Kent and I had told Cole that he needed to pack lightly cause it all needed to fit into his hiking bag and he had to carry it. He of course scoffed at us and said it would be,

"no problem, it's not like all of this is going to be heavy."

Cole putting on his bag and realizing that is was heavier than he thought it would be and really awkward to carry. I didn't say I told ya so or anything...I just smiled and he looked at me and shook his head and laughed!

He was happy to go and we were happy to have him go ha him!

He came home Saturday evening very dirty and tired. He had an ok time he said, but he was frustrated with a couple of the kids that were there. They were 2 brothers that fought the whole time and were swearing and causing problems for everyone...and it just changed the mood around camp a lot he said. He said Tyson and him fighting was nothing like how these 2 brothers fought...good grief, is all I could say!

Cole and I talked about how people act can affect the mood and the spirit that is there and ruin it for everyone. I told him that is one of the many reasons why we are here on this earth is to try to be a good person and live the life that Heavenly Father would like us to live. And be the person Heavenly Father knows we can be.

Now, I told him Satan works very hard on all of us and tempts us all at some points in our lives. How we choose to react to this is up to can let Satan win...or you can fight to do what is right...the choice is up to you. But, if you let Satan win he is laughing. I told him when he goes on a mission he is going to have companions that he may not get a long with, but he will have to figure out a positive way to serve with his companion whether they like each other or not. Same way with people that we meet in our daily the best person you can be and don"t let others bring you down!

That Sunday (July 18) Cole was sitting in Priesthood when they called him up to talk about his YM camp. Cole was shocked he said. And then afterwards Cole was asked to speak in church that following Sunday to tell the whole Ward about the camp and what he learned spiritually.

Cole's talk...
When it came time to get Cole to write down his talk (click the word talk that is highlighted and you can read his talk) he did a really good job and did most of it all on his own. He wasn't nervous (or didn't let on that he was) and he did a good job giving his talk. His Aunt Melanie spoke in church as well that Sunday, so that was kind of neat. And then I was asked to give the closing prayer so there was a lot of Stanford's participating in Sacrament meeting on Sunday =)


Barb Stanford said...


Tell Cole that his packing experience made me laugh a little because it reminded me of Max. He is on his campout right now, until Saturday morning. He packed his pack so full. I think he was grateful to have been exercising some . . . at least this year he could stand up with it on his back. Last year he fell over. Such a feather-weight. I will let you know how the whole experience was for him once we see him. I plan to hose him off at the door this year. He smelled so bad when he came home last time. It took me a month to get the smell out of his room.

Nice job on the talk too. Very inspired.


Lynn said...

LOL! The pics of him struggling with his pack remind me of my boys. Too funny.

Please tell Cole that was an AWESOME talk! Loved it. What a fine young man he is. And good for him for not letting those two brothers ruin his entire experience. It's SO true what you said about mission companions and learning to get a long. Colby is going through that right now with a really arrogant companion. His companion thinks being American, or from the US is totally better than being Canadian or from Canada. It breaks Colby's heart. He's been taught better than that, and it's a real learning experience for him to be around someone SO arrogant.

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Cole that was a very nice talk. I love how you guys really got into the scriptures on your camp (that means you have awesome leaders) I'm so glad you really connected with Abinidi, I think that is really awesome! I think you did a very good job on your talk (seriously that was a perfect talk) It makes me so happy that you went on that camp and you had fun and also felt the spirit! That's the most important thing to learn while your a youth....that you can have fun, but be good and feel the spirit all at the same time! So I'm so proud of you for your great example as a nice young man! Keep it up!