Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer fun!

Calgary Stampede
We hadn't been to the Stampede in a couple of years so we thought it would be fun to go. Anytime you go to the Stampede you know you are going to be spending A LOT of money that day...and did we ever!? But it was fun and that is what matters =)

Cole was at his Scout camp and we got a babysitter for Brynley. Sheri, Mike their boys Josh and Taylor met us down there with Tyson as he was with them already.

Rides, rides and more rides...

Sheri went on this slide ride with the boys.

This water slide ride they liked as when they came down they splashed everyone who was waiting in line.

As a kid this was one of my favorite rides. I love how happy Tyson looks in this picture...he is so dang cute!

This is a scary ride as it drops them at a fast speed. I missed it, but Sheri said the look on Josh's face when it dropped them down was hilarious!

We all went on this ferris wheel ride. I don' care for heights, but it was neat to look at everything way up high like that.

Tyson, Sheri, Mike, Josh and Taylor all giving this one a was funny to watch them try SO hard to hit this thing.

Nice thing about this game is that everyone wins no matter what! Sheri and Mike did manage to actually hit the thing hard enough to get it all the way to the top though.

Kent helping Ty play a water shooting game.

Tyson eating a yummy ice cone that you put all your own flavors on it that you want. He was SO happy!

Let me tell you some weight was gained that day down there with all that yummy food everywhere ya go. It was all so dang good...and expensive!

Sheri and I went on the bumper cars with the boys. Let's just say I got some whip lash from being sandwiched from the front and the behind by Tyson and Josh. You can see Tyson's evil smile (and I can hear him laughing) in the bottom left picture right as he was nailing me ha ha!

It was a fun day...a LONG day! The weather was great and everyone was happy =)

Other fun...
Brynley was out in the garage and found Tyson's baseball glove...she thought it was a hat.

So she came in the house thrilled as could be with this glove on her head...silly girl!

Tyson trying to "brush" Buddy's teeth. The vet told us this needed to be done atleast once a week.

I bought these special wipes that you just wipe his teeth with and Tyson wanted to do it. It was quite entertaining to watch. Buddy didn't know what was going on. Ty did a pretty good job though.

Kent and Cole had been in the garage making and building shelves to help us get more organized and give us more room in the garage.
When they were done the garage was empty so the kids began playing hockey in it. Ty got Bryn a mini stick and she joined in. It was so fun to watch them all play together...the boys were really good with letting her be a part of it.

Bryn was having a hard time concentrating on hockey as she wanted to color with chalk on the floor in the garage as well. So she would stop and color and then the ball would roll by her and she would jump up and get it and play hockey and then see the chalk and stop and color...and so on!

Cole has been down in Cardston since July 25. He went down to help my parents do work around their place before they go on their mission and earn some money. He is having a great time and doesn't miss us he said LOL...NICE!!! I don't blame him though as he is with his cousins and really is having a lot of fun. He even went down to Apgar, Montana with Marty and 2 of his boys for the August long weekend. We will be picking up Cole this coming weekend when we go down to Cardston for my parents mission farewell.

The Summer is almost over...doesn't feel like it has been much of a Summer!

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