Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Backyard life

With what little summer we have had so far this year we are trying to enjoy what we do get. Ty was bored one day as Cole was gone somewhere and none of Tyson's friends were home. SO, he decided to go hang out in the backyard and have fun on his own.

Tyson running through our sprinkler in the backyard.

In our home the rule is if it is nice outside then you are outside. Not inside playing computer or video games and what not. The boys try hard to get me to change that rule ha ha...but it isn't going to happen!

Bryn and Buddy joined Tyson outside and had fun running through the sprinkler as well =)

On a different day Cole and Tyson put the sprinkler under the trampoline and then dumped dish soap all over the trampoline. They had a great time slipping all over the place...there were bubbles all over the trampoline and them! It was fun watching them actually get along and laughing and playing nicely together (very rare moment)!!

Brynley and Buddy
(like 2 peas in a pod)

Our Brynley has just loved having this dog (Buddy) in our home. It is rather disgusting at times as she tries to copy what he does...drinking out of his dish, eating his dog food, kissing him with her tongue as he kisses her with his...yes, I know, NASTY!!!

Brynley drinking from Buddy's water dish

Any time we fill up Buddy's water dishes outside Bryn will dump them out. If there is water in the little pool she will take the dish over to it and get water in it and then drink from it. I have tried over and over to stop her and I have some what let go as it is a lost cause. She wants to be with Buddy, like Buddy, doing everything that Buddy sometimes it is easier to just let her ha ha!

My Mom gave Bryn this little blue you can see she LOVES it! Everything gets thrown into that pool whether it should be or not =)

I am not sure who enjoys this little pool more...Brynley or Buddy?! He gets right in it and digs at the water so it splashes up all over him to cool him off. Bryn loves it and just giggles when he does this!
Buddy cooling off!

Brynley all ready to play outside...she even put on her sun glasses ha ha!

I put Brynley's hair in pony tails all over and she looked so different to me...more grown up. Look at that face...awww, I need to go find her and give her a big hug and kiss!!!

I tell ya, this little girl sure knows how to make us laugh. She is so fun!

Bryn and Buddy hanging out under our trampoline together. This is there "common spot" to play...or should I say this is where Buddy hangs out and Bryn just tags along.


Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

love the soap on the tramp....looks like what we do around here! Brynley reminds me of Jada and Katie, the hair, the face. Those boys are sure looking big too. Looks like your having a great summer!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Love her ponytails!!! So cute. She does look older with them.
Buddy, Brynley and the pool and trampoline...what a hoot!
Thanks for sharing! Love them!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

The boys are so fun to see on the slippery tramp.
Good for you for insisting they enjoy the outside weather WHEN it is so nice!