Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandma Gayla's visit

My Mom decided to come up for a quick visit from Tuesday, July 20-Friday, July 23. My sister in law's (Melanie, who lives here in Crossfield as well) Mom (Rita) was coming up to bring back Melanie's 2 oldest kids back home that had been visiting them down in Cardston for a while. My Mom and Rita know each other very well so Mom decided to come up with her.

My Mom had me get this muscle therapy thing for her that we had been raving to her about. We had bought it from the Stampede and told her all about it. It is amazing!! It helps with sore muscles, arthritis, joint pain, cold sores, any type of sting, mosquito bites, sinus colds, headaches etc. We use it a lot and it has been SO helpful with all my neck pain. I was spending a TON of money at the chiropractor each week because my neck constantly was out. And since I have been using this and it works on the muscle I haven't had to go back to the chiro for almost 3 weeks now. Don't get me wrong...I love the chiropractor still, but this little machine will help!

Here is Mom, Cole and Tyson trying it out. It was pretty funny to watch them...cause if you have it on too strong it can really hurt LOL! It is the strangest thing how this little thing can make your muscles move the way it does...LOVE IT!!

I had my Mom pick up this mirror that I had my eye on that was down in one of the cute stores in Cardston. So she brought that up for me.

As you can see I have yet to hang it...I keep forgetting to buy wall anchors for the darn thing. It is super heavy! I am so excited to have this hanging on my wall by the front door...CAN'T WAIT!!

The frame around the actual mirror is pretty!

"Ma Ma"...Grandma!
My Mom is called a few different names in our family...all good ones of course =) Brynley calls her "Ma Ma" the boys call her either Grandma Gayla or G.G. which of course is short for Grandma Gayla. Kent came up with the G.G. name years ago and he was quite pleased with himself. At first I don't think my Mom liked it much, but now she is used to it.

Funny story: When Tyson was little and just starting to talk I will never forget when he was first was able to say Grandma...because he said, "Dama" ha ha ha! I of course called my Mom on the phone and had Tyson say "hi Dama" she was shocked and laughed and laughed and said, "well I never thought my name was going to be like a swear." And every time we were around her and he said "Dama" she would cringe and funny!

The first morning Bryn woke up she of course forgot that "Ma Ma" was at our house.
Mom was down stairs getting ready and she could hear Brynley so she began gently calling Brynley's name as she stood at the bottom of the stairs. Bryn was in my room with me when I heard Mom calling her and so I said,

"Bryn, who's that...listen"

Bryn was quiet and she could hear my Mom calling her and her eyebrows shot up in her head and her eyes were huge and s
he smiled and I said,

"who's that"

Bryn jumped off my bed and went r
unning and said,

"Ma ma

When she saw my Mom at the bottom of the stairs it was the cutest thing. Brynley lit up and was so happy to see her "Ma ma". She went down the stairs as fast as she could and Mom picked her up and this is what I saw...look at that face...she is one happy little girl!

Bryn gave Mom the biggest and longest hugs and kept saying, "Ma Ma". She was so happy to have her there and was gibbering away to cute!

Hair Fun!

One of my Mom's most favorite things to do is hair. As a child I ALWAYS had my hair done so cute! We never left the house without our hair done and a ri bbon in it. She was always so creative with the hair styles she would come up with...and she still is.

Now it is quite a challenge to actually "do" Bryn's hair, as she DOES NOT hold still AT ALL!

We sit her on the counter with her feet in the sink and give her things to play with to distract her for as long as it takes to get'r done LOL! She usually likes to have a cup with the water running a little for her to play in OR a toothbrush and she likes to brush her teeth.

Mom did such a good job and Bryn looked so cute! I am not sure who is happier Bryn or Mom in these pictures...can ya tell they like each othe r juuuussst a little bit =)

Quality time...
Mom has ALWAYS been so good about spending time with the kids when she is with them. Cause really, in the end that is all they are wanting is time...time to play, time to talk etc.

She was out in the back yard with the kids most days. Here in these pictures her, Tyson and Brynley are playing with Bryn's ball. Tyson would throw it and Mom would lift and swing Brynley and have her kick it. They were all laughing and having a good time playing this game. So simple, but it means so much t o them!

Kids playing and Mom sat out there and crocheted and visited with them as they were out there.

One evening they roasted hot dogs over the bonfire and had chip s and smores and roasted Starburts as well. Kent was working and I was working as well so there are no pictures to show. But they had a great time and they were so happy she did this with them.

My time with Mom...
I wanted to take Mom out to get a pedicure and I needed my nails done. So we did just that. Cole babysat Bryn and I made Tyson go with us...he was NOT happy about that...but too bad for him, that is what he gets for always fighting with his brother when we are gone. Tyson was ticked, but once he saw there was a Dollarama close by he chilled out. I gave him some money and he walked over and checked things out to pass the time away while we were was all good! We had Donairs for lunch...YUMMY!! They were ohhhh sooo good...I have got my Mom hooked =) It was a quick outing, but fun to get away together and spoil my Mom a little bit.

Despicable Me Movie
We, (Mom, Tyson and I) went and saw this oh-so funny and cute, cute movie in the theater with Melanie and her kids. No we did not take Cole and Bryn as Cole didn't care to see it so we had him babysit Bryn so Mom and I could go...really cute show! The popcorn was awesome as usual ha ha!

Each morning Bryn would go downstairs to find "Ma Ma". Mom was usually in the bathroom getting ready. So Mom would sit her on the counter and Bryn would help herself to whatever she could grab...toothbrushes, makeup, combs etc...and she likes to do whatever you are doing at that time.

Bryn put on Mom's reading glasses and kept looking at herself in the mirror smiling...what a girl! She loves to be with her "Ma Ma"!

Mom's visit was spur of the minute and short but sweet...SO glad you came up Mom!

Love you and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being you ;)

I hope you know how loved you are...we are going to miss having you around for the next couple of years while you are on your mission.


Barb Stanford said...

Ok I just have to say I am NOT sure what the heck is up with the titl My time with Mom and why it is SO dang matter what I did I couldn't change it LOL.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Barb, you made me teary eyed reading and seeing the pictures with the kids. Loved every minute of it!
Thanks for spoiling me too.
Love you all dearly!!! One question...where was the 'thin' lense for your camera...oh my ! LOL

Lynn said...

Awwwwww...........loved this post. Your mom is absolutely the best example of a grandma. I want to be like her when I grow up. ; D

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Grandma Gayla and Bryn are sure cute in those pictures. Love Bryn in those glasses, she is so cute! That will be crazy when grandma is back Bryn will be 4 (holy cow!) I remember when my mom left on her mission and I was like, oh my gosh my mom is going to be gone for a long time, kind of like your thinking. But I can't tell you how awesome it is to have a mom serving the Lord and the example a mother is when she can do that. We are so pround of Grandma G.G and Papa Terry for making that sacrifice, it will be worth it in every way!!!