Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Canada Day!

The Airdrie Parade
(Friday, July 1 2010)

We got a phone call Thursday evening (the night before the parade) from some people in our ward that we know asking if Cole and Tyson could help them out at the parade in Airdrie on Saturday. They own a dog breeding and kennel business so they were putting a float in the parade and needed them to either be on the float handing out candy or walking beside the float walking some dogs. The boys were THRILLED and SO excited that they get to be in the parade.


Friday morning we got a phone call at 7:50 a.m. from the people who were coming to get Cole and Ty to be in the parade. They wanted to make sure the boys were wearing all western stuff (jeans and western shirt) as they would be wearing cowboy hats as well....WHAT???? Ok, so jeans are fine, but my boys don't have "western wear" we scrambled to find something for them to wear and in the end it all worked out. Cole was HORRIFIED about the western wear and did not want to wear a cowboy hat ha ha!!

It is a tradition in our family to all wear Canada shirts on Canada Day. And of course I forgot to take a picture of us all together with our shirts...DARN!! With the boys leaving to go on the float and what not I totally forgot.

Brynley and Kent in there Canada shirts. Bryn's is so cute it says Canadian Princess! There is a tiara on it with little rhine stones on it...CUTE!! Brynley had all red and white stuff...blanket, crocks, suckie string and hair thing and even had on a Calgary Flames red fuzzy jacket ha ha!

We got a great spot to watch the parade...on the corner where they start and where they finish ha! They do this loop around so they come back up by us.

Trying to get a shot of her hair thing that my Mom made her and her outfit...she wasn't cooperating to well.

The weather was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G...the wind was so cold and there was NO sun! Kent didn't have a jacket either. Poor Ann was freezing so thank goodness I had an extra blanket of Brynley's for her legs.

We met up with Kent's cousins Graham Stanford and Michelle Tatlow and we all watched the parade together. Graham and his wife Ann have a little boy named Declan who is almost 3 years old and they are expecting there little girl in a week...Ann is having a C-section. So we can't wait to meet this little one =)

Michelle and her husband Ben have 4 boys...Brennan (8), Rylan (?) Kael (3), Dawson (1). Such cute boys!

It was fun to visit with them...well I was only able to visit a little. I had a
n older lady sitting next to me (whom I didn't know) that talked my ear off the whole time ha ha...which was fine, cause she obviously was lonely and wanted to visit and had a lot to say. She was very nice!

YEAH here comes Cole and Tyson and their float...
Green Acres Canine Country Club!

Their float was near the end of the parade...of course! Cole was on the far side of the float so we couldn't see him...and Ty walked right in front of us.

Tyson walking a little dog named Broco. The look on his face here made me laugh as it reminded me of his Papa Russ for some reason...what a kid!

Cole walking a golden retriever who's name he couldn't say or remember he said. As you can see Cole isn't wearing a cowboy hat...little brat! LOL He was quite pleased he got out of having to wear it. I had to yell at Cole to get his you can see by the look on his face he is not impressed with me LOL!

The boys, their dogs and the float...the back end view LOL!

We honestly wouldn't have gone to the parade at all if the boys hadn't of been in it. So we are glad we were able to be there...even though the weather was COLD!


Angela said...

what a fun parade and breakfast at the church in honor of Canada day. Do you think Canada started these traditions first or the US (for the 4th)?

Barb Stanford said...

I am sure it was the U.S. that started it is almost 100 years older than Canada =)