Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best Buds

C'mon wake up Buddy!
I was in my room when I could hear Bryn giggling away saying, "buyie, buyie"!

Bryn trying to wake up Buddy by shaking his paw!

I wasn't happy when I walked into Brynley's room and Buddy was up on her bed sleeping. Buddy isn't aloud on our Brynley obviously told Buddy to come on up and get on hers as he just doesn't jump up there on his own. As you can see he is quite comfortable and had NO intention of moving. Bryn thought this was wonderful!

She kept bugging him so he gave her a nudged with his head to leave him alone. She in turn nudged him back with her head and thus they began to play.

Hmmmm, do ya think she likes him very much?!

I seriously think Buddy just thinks Bryn is just an annoying little puppy =)

Play Time!
Buddy finally woke up and it was time to play. These 2 are so fun to watch...almost like siblings I tell ya!

Tug-o-war with Buddy's toy!

She brought him his toy and he went and got it and wouldn't let go. So Brynley and Buddy were having a tug o war over his toy. He thinks it is a fun game...she gets mad and cries when he doesn't let go ha ha!

Often when Buddy is laying down Brynley will go sit on him and bug him. He just takes it from her. He will knock her off every now and again and she loves it and just giggles and gets back on.

When they are running around the house or in the back yard it is so funny to watch as he will corral her from going where she is wanting to go. I swear he has the biggest smile on his face when he is teasing her like this...she too laughs and laughs!

Brynely and I play a game called My Buddy...I will hug Buddy and say, "my Buddy" and she then will push my hands off him and so, "no, my buyie". We do this over and over.

When it is time for bed and if Buddy is downstairs with the boys Brynley will call him to come upstairs and tell him to lay on his bed. In her world he has to do what she does and be where she cute!


sarah said...

I think your little bryn and the Buddy are the cutest thing ever. It totally brought a smile to my face, I even had to show Scott the pictures. Too cute!!!

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Brynley is getting so big.....I seriously can't believe she's in a big girl bed! She's lovin that dog that's for sure. Can't believe she's almost 2!!!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

I was laughing right out loud! PLus I am in awe that Buddy lets her toddler-handle him so much!
Obviously he adores her too.
Keep taking pictures I love to see them!