Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where has all the time gone?

Am I the only one feeling like time is going by so fast lately? I can't believe it is Wednesday already and yet I still have so much to do. I feel like my days are all running together and I am getting nowhere.

This week started off as a hectic one for me as I have so much I need to accomplish before Thursdays sewing class and also before Sunday.I emailed my sewing teacher (Rose Travers) to see if I could gt some help with the baby quilt top that I am supposed to have done by Thursday...which I hadn't even started sewing it together at this point. I have just been so busy! 

Rose came to my house Tuesday afternoon. She is thee nicest lady! I love being around her because she has such a calming presence about her. She is such a good teacher and SO patient! I was able to get a lot done while she was here. I am so thankful for her willingness to come out to Crossfield and help me like that. 

When Rose was here she said, 

"I hear you have a new calling."

I was shocked she knew and I said, 

"yes I do, how did you know that?" 

And she smiled and said, 

"Kim (my YW pres.) is my daughter!" 

WHAT???? I was SHOCKED as I had NO CLUE that was Kim's Mom...they are very different from one another LOL. Rose was wonderful with Bryn while she was here. Bryn was being a turkey the whole time and showing off and wanting Rose's attention. Rose handled her really well =)

The top of my quilt is almost done and ready for Thursday's class now. I just have to attach one more row and I am ready. I am doing that this morning...then I am going to do my YW newsletter.

Tuesday evenings
Tuesdays are crazy for us as the boys have their kick boxing at 5 p.m. in Airdrie until 6 p.m. We have supper and then we have to be at the church by 7p.m. for Cubs/Scouts, my YW meetings and Kent's meetings. 

YW last night was good. I had Brynley with me. I of course brought her toys and snacks. She wasn't sure what was going on and why we were at church. She walked right to her Nursery room door and let her self in, turned on the lights, waved bye to me and went and got some toys out of the cupboard ha ha. She thought she was going to Nursery.

Bryn can open the doors so she kept taking off from the YW room. We were playing a game kind of like sherades, but a little different. It is exam week so I guess they weren't expecting very many girls. ALL of them showed up and even a couple of girls that usually don't come. It was fun. A couple of the Beehive girls were really into Bryn and making her happy and what not so that was nice and Bryn liked that. It was a fun evening, lot's of laughter.I can't wait to get to know all these girls better and their names. So far I know only a handful...slowly but surely!

Cole has a Dr. appointment with a wart specialist. His finger and foot is a mess. We are hoping this specialist can help and not be as painful as he last was awful!

Kent and I are going to the Flames game tonight. This is part of his bday celebration he said =) As Thursday we aren't doing anything (which is the actual day of his bday) as I have my sewing class and I have to be there or I will miss out on too much (I am feeling REALLY guilty about that). So, between going out tonight and going out Friday evening for dinner and maybe even a movie that will be his bday celebration.
Friday we are doing respite care again with Zoe until Sunday around 4 p.m. Kent and Cole will be heading up to Deb's Saturday to work on her basement. Then after church on Sunday and when Zoe goes home (around 4pm) Tyson, Bryn and I will be heading up to Deb's to stay the night (Kent and Cole will probably still be there.) The kids don't have school Monday and Kent is taking the day off. I am going with Deb and Sheri to a photography course in Red Deer on Monday. It is all day! I am looking forward to it.

Lot's going on and I have lot's I am needing to accomplish. I have to make the newsletter for YW and hand it out on Sunday as well. I have NEVER made a newsletter so I am needing to sit down and figure that out as well.

*Deep breath in, deep breath out*


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Lynn said...

HA ha. That's right........."breathe". You make me laugh. I know it's not funny.....but I love your humor in among all your craziness!

P.S. That is hilarious about how you found out about Rose being Kim's mom. Too funny.