Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday to our Cole!

 Well, we are "officially" parents to a teenager....AHHHHHHH!!! Cole is 13 years old today and he is one happy kid. To make his day even better there is NO SCHOOL as it is a snow day! 

Cole thinks it is pretty cool that he was born at 13:13 p.m. (1:13) and he is turning 13 years old today!

We aren't planning on doing too much today for his birthday other than hang out, play some games and be lazy since we celebrated his day yesterday. We may take him out for lunch here in town, we shall see. Kent is off for the day as well as the roads are NOT good to be driving on! 


Sunday, January 9 2011
We had our weekly Sunday get together with the other 2 families in Crossfield yesterday. Since it was going to be Cole's 13th Birthday on Monday we decided to do his Birthday dinner on Sunday when we were all together.

We didn't have church as the roads were too bad to drive on and visibility was poor. So we stayed home and had a lazy day...well, I was busy all day baking and cooking cupcakes, No Bake Cheese Cake, Carmel Popcorn and dinner for everyone for that evening.

Cole requested Cheeseburger Joes for dinner. 
I got this recipe from Kraft Foods...very simple, but good. We had chips and cesar salad with it. And of course a yummy fruit punch and pop mixed drink.

This week our family made the supper so dinner was out our place. Niki and Darren were in charge of Family Home Evening. After supper we all went into our front room so we could have F.H.E. Darren gave the lesson and it was on Choosing The Right.

Darren talked about ice cream and how yummy it is and asked if we all liked ice cream...of course we do. Then he asked what toppings we liked on it and he had chocolate and caramel sauce and put that on it and asked us if that looked good and we all were licking our lips. He then said well, how about with this on it and he pulled out some lint from the dryer and pushed it into it. We all were NOT impressed that he ruined the bowl of ice cream by putting that nasty dryer lint in it.

The ice cream looked like it had mold growing in was ruined! Darren then tried to pass it around for someone to eat just some of it, the parts that the lint wasn't touching...noone wanted it as it was ruined...all of it because of the lint in it. He asked why we can't just pick it off and eat it and the kids said 

"cause there will be stuff left in it from the lint and plus that is nasty!"

Darren then talked about the analogy behind what he was trying to show them and teach us all. Like going to movies and playing games that have "just one bad part in it or just one bad word in it" and trying to justify watching it or playing the games. We need to Choose the Right always by not justifying those little things away. Cause in the end if we let those little things go then it can affect everything we do.
Kori, Lucas, Brynley and Avery had other plans while we were doing Family Home Evening ha! They were in the kitchen having a good time so we just let them be this time around.

 It was a good lesson and Darren and Niki did a good job! Next week we will be at Darren and Niki's for supper and Melanie and Jeff and their family are in charge of F.H.E.

Once F.H.E. was done we sang to Cole and has his Birthday cake. He requested my No Bake Cheese Cake that I make.
There were exactly 13 candles that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY on his cake, it worked out perfectly.
He blew out all his candles in one blow...good boy, no girlfriends!  =) The cake was yummy. I had made cupcakes for all the little kids as I knew they would want to cheese cake. So they were happy eating those.

Cole only asked for a certain game for his Birthday. So he got that and then the 2nd Anniversary Edition of the John Bytheway Cd's. He is a GREAT speaker and the boys listen to the Cd's all the time.
Cole opening all his gifts.

Jeff and Melanie gave Cole some money (which is ALWAYS a good gift) and Niki and Darren are taking Cole out to a movie tonight for his Birthday. So Cole is pretty excited to go see that tonight!

Thanks everyone for helping make Cole feel loved on his Birthday!!


Lynn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Cole! Welcome to Teenagehood.

Barb - Your idea for FHE with everyone all together is such a good idea. Looks like it's going great. That was an awesome object lesson Darren gave.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Love that Cole! So glad he had such a nice long weekend to enjoy his birthday. Hope he gets our birthday care EVER...maybe it is lost in the mail somewhere!
Ew that objection lesson was awesome and effective! Good for Daren