Friday, January 14, 2011


We have been frustrated with the whole process of trying to become licensed Foster Parents. We have been waiting on the agency to get there crap together for over a month now. All we are needing to have done to be able to become "licensed" is for the agency to come out and do a home assessment. And once that is done then we are able to start fostering.  They say there is this HUGE need for foster parents, but yet here we are ready and willing and done our part and now they are the ones dragging there heels. I am just sayin'...really??? Is it that hard for someone to come out and take maybe an hour to come do it??? I guess so!

We got a phone call from our agency about 2 weeks ago asking if we would be willing to do respite care for a foster family who is needing a break from there foster child. We said yes and I was in contact with the foster Mom to make arrangements. So, this weekend we are doing respite care for a 12 year old girl. She has been so friendly and chatty ha ha!

We ended up taking her to see the movie Tangled 3D since she hadn't seen it, she had never seen a movie in 3D either so she was pretty thrilled about that. It was fun to listen to her excitement about it all. So far, so good! She will be staying with us until Sunday evening. 

The weather is -28 right now....COLD!!! So I am thinking tomorrow we won't do too much other than stay in the house and try to stay warm. I had the foster Mom make sure she packed a dress so she can come to church on Sunday. Both of her parents have died so she is an angry girl...rightly so! So, we are looking forward to having some fun with her and showing her some love this weekend.  =)


Janay said...

I understand completely your frustration with the slowness that IS fostering! :) It's incredibly frustrating to wait on something so simple. Hope they can make it out sooner than later. In my experience, the squeaky wheel get's heard the most!! Don't stop bugging them until they come out!

And good luck with everything!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Hang in there. Sounds frustrating alright. AND stay warm! xox Mom

Lynn said...

WOw. Sure makes you wonder what the reasons for delay might be, since they are in such a need.

Hang in there! There must be a great purpose that you will one day look on and say "oh. That's why.". ; D