Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting there...

I forgot to mention in my last crazy busy post that on top of all that we have been scrambling to get things in order for all of our fostering stuff that needs to be done. The social worker who is in charge of doing the Home Assessments came out last Thursday (Jan 20) to meet Kent and I...she was here for 3 hours that morning!

It is quite the process to become foster parents. We are almost there, almost done with all the "big stuff." We had to answer a lot of VERY personal questions while she was here. 

She gave us lot's to do before our next meeting which is this Friday (Jan 28). We had to do Geno-grams, family histories for both our families, our own personal history write up about our lives etc. LOT'S of work...but all of that is finally done!! Everything else is in their hands for them to get us licensed. Training will always be on going and need to be updated yearly.

This past Friday (Jan 21) we both had to go have Medical Examinations done by our family Dr as well. So that is done now too. Both of our Criminal Record Checks are both back and as well as our Intervention Checks. 

Saturday (Jan 22) we had our all day Aboriginal Training in Calgary. Ty was at a friends house and Cole was hanging out at home waiting for Brynley to come back from Melanie's. We took Bryn to Mel in the morning to babysit for us and then after lunch she took Bryn home to Cole so she could nap.

I tell ya, I walked out of the training on Saturday with my eyes WIDE open and with a lot more empathy for these people and all that they have gone through. The teacher was Native and he was a great story teller and knew how to grab our attention and keep it. We did a fun activity and learned so much.  

Our foster care required check list is almost completely done:

  • Foster care application
  • 21 hour pre-service training
  • 3 references
  • Medical forms
  • Police Check
  • Intervention child welfare check
  • permission for release form
  • SAFE Questionaire 1
  • SAFE Questionaire 2
  • Environment safety checklist
  • budget
  • birth certificates copies
  • driver's license copies
  • driver's abstracts
  • car insurance info
  • home insurance info
  • CPR and First Aid Certificates
  • Aboriginal Training
  • Genogram
  • Grievance
  • 72 hour kit/important phone numbers
  • first aid kits home and vehicles
We are now just waiting on them actually licensing us and processing everything.

Now looking back at all we have been doing lately I see why I feel like my days are all blending into one ha ha! I am SO glad this is almost done. Looking forward to moving ahead =)

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Lynn said...

You are amazing!! I have no words. I look at your list and I am in AWE. Any child coming to your home will be SO blessed and all the better for it. I wish you both well, and keep you in my prayers to, that all will go as it should.