Sunday, November 14, 2010

Niki's Baby Shower!

Saturday, November 13th we put on a baby shower for Niki as this is her 2nd child BUT, her 1st girl! 
We didn't make any fancy invitations to hand out at church...soooo, we made these up quick in the colors that Niki is doing the babies room and handed them out at church.

It was at our church building in Airdrie in the Relief Society room. There was a good turn out and LOT'S of food to say the least!

Like I said, Niki is having a girl and she has already picked out her name:
Brooklynn Margaret Stone

The Lynn part is after Niki's Mom Debbie that is her middle name. The name Brooklynn is because her Dad (Russ) who passed away last year liked that name and wanted Niki to name her 1st baby that name if it had been a girl...which of course it was a boy and they named him Lucas.

 This is Lucas.

I wanted to give Niki some decorations she could use in the babies room. So I bought some wood letters that spelled Brooklynn and modge podged scrapbook paper onto each letter. Niki helped me do it as I had never done it before. They turned out really cute! Niki plans on hanging them on the wall in the nursery with ribbon attached to each letter.
 The paper we used was all patterened and they are all the colors she is planning on using in the nursery.
 I made these candy wrappers to go around some chocolate mints for a display. I thought they were perfect and got them free from online =)

 We made these tissue paper poms poms and this is the display we set up with them and her name and the food table. It looked really cute and everything turned out nicely. 
 The only problem was that the darn things kept falling can see the far left large pink one is slipping in this picture LOL!

 On the other side of the room we hung a rope and made a clothes line and displayed some gifts that she had received already.
Niki's Mom had bought the babies crib bedding so we displayed that and also her blessing dress. Sheri had made her an amazing reversible car seat cover/nursing cover and a baby sling carrier. We also displayed the 2 blankets I made for her as well.

 This is one of the blankets I made for Brooklynn. I love the colors...they are a hot pink on the one side, light and dark pink, white and light and dark purple polka dots. SO CUTE!!

 This is the other blanket I made as well. The material is so cute...Niki picked it out and wanted it.

 Niki received wonderful gifts and lot's of stuff she is needing! 

Sister Lancaster was confused by one of the gifts Niki had received and just didn't get what it was so she had to go up and have Niki explain it to her ha ha! It was a baby wipes holder that a relative had covered with material and made it all pretty. 

It was fun to visit with family and friends and members of our ward that came.
All in all it went really well and we were so happy so many ladies came from the ward to meet Niki and get to know her too. 


Lynn said...

OH how fun!! Cassie has opted to have her baby shower AFTER her baby is born. I am going to steal some of these ideas. Hope you don't mind. ; D

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Wow! Lots of great ideas and fun! You are the queen of baby showers now! Awesome!