Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas gift

When we were down in Utah this past Summer I was out shopping with my sister Emily when we saw this beautiful sign with a saying on it that we had never seen before...and it made us both teary eyed. I knew it was something I needed to make for my parents for Christmas when they were on their mission.  

This is the sign Kent and I made for my parents for Christmas...isn't the saying on it just perfect!!
 Kent's business partner Phil was going to Salt Lake to visit his family so he offered to take it down to them for us. We were happy about that as then we didn't have to pay shipping LOL! Phil was so excited to take it down and give it to them so he could see where they were serving their mission.

 Phil is such a great guy and we SO appreciate him doing that for us. He carried it with him on the plane as it was too big for his suitcase...sorry about that Phil! Nice green bubble wrap hey ha ha...let me explain...since it had to go through customs at the airport it couldn't be wrapped in wrapping paper. So we wrapped it in bubble wrap so it wouldn't get wrecked.

Dad and Mom showed him around their office building. And then showed him where their office cubicle was. Mom said he was happy to see our picture on the wall of their cubicle.

We are SO incredibly thankful to Phil for doing that for us! And we are very happy you like your gift Mom and Dad. They said they are going to put it up on their wall at their office for all to see =)


Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE this saying. I have it posted on Colby's mission blog. I thought it was excellent too!

Your parents look SO good and happy. Love that they got a special delivery. That was SO nice of Kent's business partner.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

We so LOVE this precious gift and it IS now hanging in our office cubicle. Dad got the wired on the back. So many lovely comments about it. We are blessed. Thanks for your love and support on our mission!