Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you have a will?

Kent and I had a will made up about 9 years ago and it is in need of updating now. Our kids have grown and life has changed. We realize our decisions of where we want our kids to go has changed as well.

It is a hard thing to decide on. But, in the end as long as they are going somewhere you know they will be loved, raised with the values and morals you want and treated well and taken care of, that is what is important to us.

Kent didn't like having to talk about "our wills" and what we want to happen if and when we die. It is a hard conversation to have...but, a VERY necessary one. It has brought me peace of mind knowing things are in place how we would like them to be if we did die. 


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

You are so right. Glenn and I have been wanting to make our will but haeven't done it yet. I should defenetly have it on the TO DO list.

Lynn said...

Amen to that! We FINALLY got ours officially done just last year. Just before Dean and I took our very first trip away (Conference in Salt Lake). It was the first time we EVER have been away from our kids for more than one night. So of course, we were quite nervous and scared about it and the topic of "What if" came up. So glad we have our wills done. And also our Power of Attorney's, and also our Personal Directives.. All very equally important. ; D

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Great idea Barb!
I remember in our will of sending you guys to Hawaii to live with Walkers if we died!
Wills are important that is for sure!