Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goodbye 34...HELLO 35!!

My Birthday is November therefore my birthday is always on Remembrance Day! It has always been a holiday and the kids have the day off from school. It has its pros and cons to being on this day...but mostly good! 

I came home Wednesday evening to some beautiful  flowers and a card from Kent on our kitchen table. 
 He gave me the sweetest card with them. I love Kent...he is so good to me!
 They are such pretty flowers...I love the color!

He surprised me a week ago with a new sewing machine and I LOVE it!!
It is pretty fancy I must say...but I plan on doing lot's of projects with it =)

Today will consist of me doing the mound of laundry that has accumulated since 1:30 a.m. (that is when Brynley started throwing up) and she is still presently throwing up. We have gone through A LOT of towels, blankets and clothes in that time. I am hoping that I will be able to nap with her at some point today since we didn't get much sleep last night.
 Bryn wearing her tutu AND her apron at the same time.

It is funny how she can be SO sick...but yet, she is still wanting to put her dress up clothes on and just lay there in them as she is sick...funny girl! Even though I am SO dang tired...I love how she can make me smile when she does cute things like that.
My Mom sent me a very loving email first thing this morning. And then I got a phone call from her and Dad singing Happy Birthday to me before they went to work this morning. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for starting my day off better than it was going =) It is always nice to hear how loved you are...even when you are 35!!! ha ha

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