Monday, August 16, 2010

Stanford and Nielsen family fun!

Earlier this year Sheri and I had been talking about how it would be fun to get all her siblings and their families together along with her cousins that live in Carstairs and their families. There are too many kids and too many people to get together at some one's house so we were trying to figure out what we could do. Sheri came up with camping up at Glennifer Lake at the group campsite. Everyone was able to come except for Gary and his family as he had to work that weekend and Derek and his family as they were back in Ontario.

Friday, August 6 2010
We took our fifth wheel up there and arrived the same time as Sheri and her family and Niki. Niki was tenting it kind of behind, but beside out fifth wheel. And Sheri and her family have a fifth wheel as well.

We were setting it all up when I realized I hadn't seen Bryn for a bit. I panicked and was calling her and calling her..and this is where I found her. Sitting comfortably in Niki's van sitting in Lucas's car seat watching a movie.

She was quite happy with herself. I let her sit there cause it kept her safe and busy while we were trying to get thing done.

It got really hot and almost kindof muggy as we were setting up. We had brought Bryn's little blue pool so Ty took it over to the water pump and put water in it and kept Bryn and Lucas happy.

Here is 11 year old Taylor sitting in Lucas's car seat watching a movie. He was zoned right out and quite comfy there...silly boy!

Lucas and Bryn hanging out on our fifth wheel steps. You can see that they are saying Cheese!

Lucas (20 months old) Brynley (22 months old)
How cute are they?! I can't get over how big they are getting and so fast...

The group area we were in was HUGE and perfect for all of us. There was a big fire pit as well and the lake right there.

The kids were so excited to see each other. It was fun to watch them all go running to each other as each family arrived.

Kent, Jeff and Mike checking out the boat. These 3 were always doing this...whether it was the boat or hanging the tarp or whatever.

Everyone having dinner and visiting
It was Mike's birthday that Kent and Jeff snuck up behind Mike and both of them bear hugged him at the same time. You could hear Mike being squeezed to death...poor guy LOL!

Bocce Ball

All the guys played Bocce Ball after dinner. Some of the kids got to help...but most of them watched and had fun. The guys played this for hours.

Brynley trying out her cousin Mac's Strider bike. She really liked she looked so cute on it with the helmet and all.

A Minute To Win It!

(Friday evening)
Sheri organized and came up with this fun game to play. She had seen it on T.V. and thought it would be fun...and was it ever! Every task has to be done within a minute to win it.

Cup Stacking

Taylor and Tyson started first with the cup stacking game.

You each start with a different colored cup at the top of your stack of cups and have to put each cup underneath using alternating hands. Once the colored cup is back at the top you long as it is within a minute!

Mike and Kent
I can't remember who won this...I think Mike did...but if you ask Kent I am sure he would say Mike cheated some how and he should have won =) Actually now that I think about it Mike did cheat a couple of times ha ha!

Niki and Barb
Niki won this...I was right behind her though. It is harder than it looks!

Elephant March

(not sure if that was what it is called, but I think so)

Sheri tying the string on Kent and getting him all set up and ready. She tied a yo-yo from the back belt loop on his pants. No hands could be used as they did this game.

They each had 2 rows of 8 cans lined up that they were in the middle of. And they had to swing the yo-yo from one side to the next until they got all 8 cans knocked over...all within a minute to win it!

Kent and Taylor

Let me tell ya this was a really funny one to watch. They did some funny moves and motions to get that yo-yo swing and hitting those cans...very entertaining!

Noodling Around

No hands allowed!


I believe there was around 6 noodles that they had to try to thread onto the spaghetti noodle. This had to be done with not breaking the spaghetti noodle and within a minute.


Jeff won this one. After Kent had done it they realized the table was on a slant as Kent's noodles kept rolling and moving on him.

Junk In The Trunk

Each player had 8 ping pong balls in a box of kleenex that is tide around their waists. No hands allowed! They can bend, bounce and jump all around to get those 8 balls out within a minutes time. I think Tyson won this round. This was another funny one to watch.

These games were so fun and there are SO many more you can play. They are prefect for get togethers like this.

THANKS SHERI it was so much fun!!

After that most of the kids were in bed and then the adults visited around the bonfire or wherever.

Saturday Fun!

The boat was the highlight of the day. I didn't go on it myself as we are able to go on it whenever. That way others had a chance to enjoy it. I didn't get any pictures since I wasn't down at the lake. And of course Tyson FINALLY got up on the wake board for his first time. He came running up from the beach to tell me. He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him to...I was ticked I missed it though!

This is Kent's cousin Dean cradling Bryn in his arms trying to get her to sleep.

Brynley wouldn't nap for me and when she did fall asleep (which was in my arms) I wanted to lay her down in the fifth wheel as she is heavy...and of course she would wake up each time. So Dean took her from me and walked all around the campsite and Bryn was out like a light. It was the sweetest thing to watch. He held her her whole nap time so that she would sleep. He is such a good guy! It was HOT that day too so the poor guy was probably dying, but he never led on. So thankful for Dean =)

The kids had fun playing together as there was TONS of room for them to play.

Bryn playing with her Daddy!

I could just eat her up...she is too cute!

Our family had to leave Saturday evening as we needed to be down in Cardston Sunday for my parents mission farewell talks. Most everyone else stayed until Sunday. It was good timing on our part as it started pouring rain when we left =)

It was A LOT of fun and we hope it is something we all do each year!

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Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh my goodness this was so fun to read and see the pictures! What a fun fun time!
Defintely needs to be a tradition.