Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No more suckie!!!

Today, Wednesday, August 18th 2010 is a BIG day in our house...Brynley is officially "suckie" (soother) free....YEAH!!!

Reading that actually kindof has me sad for various reasons. Don't get me wrong I am HAPPY it is done and went so well. BUT, that just means that is another step to her getting bigger *sigh*.
If you haven't already noticed in most of her pictures over the past couple of years there is usually a soother in her mouth. She has been a really big "suckie" baby. Brynley called it her "eeee" (for suckie)!

Goodbye "suckie" a.k.a. "eeee!"

Seriously, you don't even know how shocked we are that she adjusted so well to NOT having her suckie anymore. We truly thought it was going to be such a hassle and a big fight. Nothin'!

Monday we decided she would only get it a nap time and bed time and she did really well. She asked for it a couple of times throughout the day. And I would tell her, "all gone, all done" and do the hand sign to her as I said it so she knew. Once I did that she didn't freak out or keep asking she just went about doing whatever she was was SO nice!

Monday night Kent was laying with her to get her to sleep and he didn't even give it to her...she went to sleep without it and slept ALL night! What the heck eh?! The next day she went the WHOLE day without it...not even at nap time. She asked for it once or twice and was fine when I told her and signed to her that it was all gone and all done. Last night again no suckie and she even slept in her own bed the WHOLE night...didn't get up until 6:30 a.m. What the??? So this morning when we were up I took all her soothers and threw them in the garbage so there was NO WAY of reverting.

Seriously, if I had known this was all going to be this way I would have done this MUCH sooner LOL!! What a girl.
I have to say though I am very proud of us for getting it done =)

Brynley in her new hoodie I bought her from the cute is that hey?! Actually when I told her to say, "cheese" she folded her arms like we were going to say prayers ha ha!

Don't mind the messy closet...Bryn has torn it all apart. Look at that kissable!!

Ok, Ok, one more random picture of this cuteness we call Brynley. Seriously now, can we say LOVE IT! She looked so dang cute in this outfit going to church. She loves the skirt cause it is so poofy. Might I add that I got the skirt for $2.99...yep, that's right!

Funny story...
Melanie called me this morning laughing as Tyson was over there playing with her kids. And she over heard Tyson telling them that,

"my Mom's baby making machine has been taken out"

Jade (6 years old) asked,
"how did they do that and when do you get a baby making machine?"

Tyson then replied,
"I don't know, I am not a girl!"

Oh my goodness is all I could say to Melanie as we were laughing. Nice!!

Right after I had had my hysterectomy Tyson not understanding what happened asked if we could have another baby. Kent told him no that both our "baby making machines" had been taken out. Poor Tyson is so confused...good thing he will learn all about that this year in Grade 4!!! ha ha


Lynn said...

LOL!!!!!!! Priceless. And you are right. He will learn a whole lot more in Grade 4.

P.S. YAY for no more suckies. How did you get so lucky. That was almost too easy. Looks like she suddenly realized big girls sleep all night too. wow. Amazing. Good for you guys!

The Stanfords said...

Haha, Yay!! Isn't it funny how that happens- you change one thing and suddenly she's sleeping through the night. I guess without her "suckie" to put her to sleep she had to learn to do it herself (and thankfully STAY asleep). This is exactly what happened when I stopped nursing Roel. Maybe that is the answer to my Thijs problem.

It seems like she is really growing up now, you'll be potty training before you know it!

Barb Stanford said...

Her 3rd day of no suckie was probably her toughest as she kept asking for it and looking for it most of the day. But even then she would never cry or freak out. So it really has been SO easy! Didn't expect that =)

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Love that baby girl so much...not such a baby any more. SO SO glad her suckie is gone for good. She is so dang cute and more so without her suckie!
Yes kiss those kissy cheeks for me and tell her Grandma misses her.

As for Tyson...he told what he knew. LOL

XO Mom