Monday, August 16, 2010

Brynley and a kitty!

We were up at Sheri's house (she lives on an acreage out by Innisfail) and they have these 2 kittens that have shown up at their place. When Brynley saw them she squealed and said, "kitty" and went running after them. She chased them all over and this poor little kitten hid behind this lawn chair on the deck.

Brynley had NO problem reaching in their getting scratched and hissed at and grabbing the cat anyway she possibly could. Actually when the kitten scratched her and hissed Bryn giggled and thought it was so cute ha ha!

"YAY, a kitty!"

you can just see how proud she is that she got that poor little kitten out from where it was hiding.

She held the kitty tightly on her lap and Bryn just kept saying,

"ohhhhhh kitty!"

actually once Bryn had the kitten it didn't squirm, scratch or hiss at her anymore...poor thing must have been terrified LOL! The cat let Bryn carry it all around draped over Bryn's arm and it just hung out...until Bryn decided to toss if off the deck! Nice eh...then it took little guy!
Bryn kept kissing the kitten and hugging it...she is such an animal lover...just like I was!

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Lynn said...

Cami is the exact same with cats and animals. She loves them to "death!" ; D