Monday, August 16, 2010

Martina McBride

So, at work a couple of weeks ago (Weight Watcher's) a lady came in and kept starring at me. I smiled at her and she said,

"you look a lot like Martina McBride"...say WHAT?!?!

Ok, so putting my picture with hers is hurting me...but I don't see it...

Seriously, that lady needs some glasses cause I mean REALLY...look at her, common!!

I am grasping for SOMETHING...ANYTHING...NOPE!

UGH, this is painful LOL!

I am even trying to find some pictures of hers that our hair is somewhat alike... still NOPE!!

I was SHOCKED and laughed and thanked her as it is a HUGE compliment for me...not so much for Martina LOL!

I am a BIG Martina McBride fan so hey, I will accept what she said and run with it even though there is NO similarities ha ha.

I had just gotten my hair colored so I am assuming it is the color that made her say that...but I WISH that were true as she is a gorgeous, gorgeous lady!

Gosh, I tried HARD to find a picture of Martina that I MIGHT resemble...nope, nothin' LOL!


Melanie Stanford said...

Actually, with both your pictures up there, I can totally see the similarities!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me?? I totally see it! Thanks for posting them side by side. Don't know why I never saw that before. How cool is that! They always say we have a double out there somewhere. I think you just found yours.

Barb Stanford said...

You ladies are now my new best friends for saying that ha ha! But seriously I DON'T see ANY similarities...I wish I did. It is funny how differently people look at each other or what they see and you don't. Thanks though =)