Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kids Rooms...

May 27th was a BIG turning point for us as Brynley was no longer in her crib. She had climbed out of it (very quietly I might add) and scared me to death banging at her bedroom door one night.

We decided we needed to get her out of her crib A.S.A.P. as she could really hurt herself by climbing out of it. So, we took it apart and the two sides of the crib grow with her and act as a foot board and head board to a double sized mattress. We got a mattress and got it all set up. Now I needed to find bedding...that was harder than I thought it would be. I had a hard time finding anything to go with what was already in her room...but I did find something I could work with.

Her nursery stuff was pink, brown and cream...I wanted to incorporate more colors so this is what I came up with.
Brynley LOVES her new bed. When she first came in her room and saw it she said,

"ohhhh wooowww"

and had thee biggest smile. Her reaction was great and it made us laugh.

She is doing so-so with sleeping her in own bed. She usually wakes up around 3 or 4 a.m. and one of us gets up and goes and lays with her. There has been a couple of nights where she actually has slept throughout the whole night...that was AWESOME!!!

Oh how we wish this little girl would stay asleep....ALL NIGHT!! The lack of sleep is a hard I can't wait for her to get over.

I had blown up that cute black and white picture of Russ and Brynley and had it in our front room. But I thought it was time it got put in her room and it looks really nice. She points to it all the time and says, "Poppa a Me"(meaning Poppa and Me!)

The lampshades have stickers on them right now...and I really don't like me it looks tacky. So I have bought all different colors and widths of ribbon that match the colors in her room. I am going to glue them onto the lampshade like stripes. I haven't done it as of yet...I need to get on that!

This wood window frame is one we found on Kent's Dad's family farm land down near Cardston. No one lives there and there are just some old farm buildings. One day Kent and I went rummaging through the buildings for the heck of it and we found 4 or 5 old window we brought them home.

Brynley's bedding set came with all these stickers to match it. Kent went out in the garage and brought in this window that we had brought home from the was perfect and it even had pink on it. Putting the window frame up like this with the stickers was all Kent's idea. It is so cute and I love that there is a story behind it all =)

Cole's Room
Cole has been downstairs ever since we moved into this house 4 years ago. So his room has been set up nicely for a while. His room colors are the Calgary Flames colors. Since his room was already painted we helped him de-junk it, put up a few new wall things and organize his room does it ever feel better in there!

We made these vinyl wall decals (my sister in law Sheri has a cricket machine...LOVE IT!!) This is what is on the back of Cole's hockey jersey...his last name and number so we thought that would be fun to put up. So this is what you first see when you walk into Cole's room.

I found this saying online and thought it was very fitting for Cole being a Goalie and says:

My GOAL is to DENY yours

And then we put his hockey pictures and some of his medals with this saying. Cole liked it a lot and so did we...makes it more fun and personable!

Cole's room feels and looks SO much better now that we have re-organized him and changed a few things.

Tyson's Room

Ty wanted his room to be the same color as his hockey team he plays, white and black. No problem!

Poor Ty has had to wait the past 2 years to get his room looking nice. He originally was upstairs and we had it all done nicely up there. But when Brynley came along we decided both boys could be downstairs...that was 2 years ago! Cole was already down there and his room was already done.

Kent getting it all ready and started. I did help tape and that is not a fun job!

Tyson wanted to help so Kent began to teach him how.

It didn't last long as it was hurting Kent to watch Tyson do it ha ha! Kent started out as a painter when we were first married so this is one thing he is VERY picky about.

The finished product...

I found this saying online and thought it was perfect for Tyson's room. He plays defense on his hockey team...the sayings says...

Hockey players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins

incorporating Tyson's hockey pictures over the years he has played and some of his medals with the saying went really nicely I thought. Tyson liked it and had a big smile on his that is what matters!

I made more vinyl wall decals out of Tyson's hockey number and his last name...I wanted it to look similar to the back of what his hockey jersey looks like...turned out great! You see this when you first walk into Ty's room.

His new bed, bedding and new room. It feels SO much better and WAY more comfy than before. When it was all done Tyson laid on his bed with the biggest smile on his face and he said,

"yep, this is much better."

This poster is on the wall by the this is what he sees when he is leaving his room and turning off his light. It says:

Armor Up!

"Wherefore take unto you the whole Armour of God,
that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day."

-Ephesians 6:13

Did you put YOURS on today?

Cole and Tyson both have this poster on their walls in their rooms. We hope this poster will be a good reminder to each of them to say their prayers each day and what is important!

It feels SO GOOD to FINALLY have all 3 kids rooms D-O-N-E!!!


Lynn said...

Holy!!! Awesome rooms!!!! Now you need to come and do ours. ; D

Angela said...

Wow! Your kids rooms are fantastic. I love the window frame with the stickers in your daughters room--so sweet. And I love that she got rid of her soothie. Our son Nathan who is her same age loves his "binky" too. He is always asking for it and I am about ready to be done with it. After reading how easy it was for your daughter to give hers up I think I'm brave enough to do the same thing.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Barb, those kids are so lucky to have such creative parents to do their bedrooms! So awesome!