Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have A LOT of AMAZING women in my life whom I look up to and they are all Mother's. They have all played a special part in my life..some may know it and others may not. From my own Mom to my step Mom Linda (who really isn't my step mom anymore) but has always been so good to all my many sisters, my Mother in law, my sister in laws, my Grandma's, my Aunts, cousins and friends! To all of you (and there are MANY) I thank you for being such good examples of Mother's to me!

I told my own Mom how she has set the "Motherhood bar" very high and it is hard to follow in her foot steps...she has made it a challenge, but a good one! She is in Arizona right now enjoying her vacation with my Dad. She is the one I look up to and try to be like as a Mother. She has been the best example! I appreciate and love her more than she will ever know. Have a WONDERFUL day Mom!

My Grandma (my Mom's Mom), my Mom and Brynley

My goal for next year's Mother's Day is to have some good photos of her and I together on here as I don't have one. Plus I would like to get some of her and my kids all together as well. So I will have to do that A.S.A.P. since they are leaving on their mission in the Fall.

But to each of you whom read this and you are a Mother...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Barb!! Your love and support in my life is more precious than you will ever know! Being your mother is indeed a joy! Love you....always and forever...Mom

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Oh my gosh!!! I saw the Toffifee box and now I need one....I love those!!!!!! Love your pictures. Good idea to go out for breakfast. I love how you guys always do stuff together! I love that you are still eating Prezel salad too LOL. We miss coming to your house and hanging out with all you guys! We felt like we were part of all ya'lls family too.

Lynn said...

What a beautiful tribute to the mother's in your life!

I just love coming here and reading your blog. You are amazing and inspiring (and may I add...SO kind! Thanks for the sweet words you sent me. You are too kind.)

P.S. Love the picture of you and and your baby girl at Smitty's. So cute! I think we will have to check out that breakfast buffet. Had no idea they did that. Maybe they don't do that here, but we'll see.