Thursday, May 6, 2010

Very behind

Man I am waaayyy behind in my blogging. Lot's has been going on so I will try to catch up on it all...

Utah purchase

Brynley checking out her picnic table

So we bought this little picnic table that folds away nicely and has an umbrella if needed to use for when we have company over (inside or outside). There is always a lot of little kids so we thought this would come in handy. Cole and Tyson put it together for Brynley and she was THRILLED! She even had fun looking at the pictures on the box as there were little kids on it that she kept talking to and waving at LOL!

Brynley a.k.a Medusa

Brynley's CRAZY bed head hair!

Ok, so we call Brynley "Medusa" in the mornings...her hair is all over the place and the craziest thing I have ever seen LOL! As you can see by the pictures it is out of control HUGE!! The next few pictures her hair is crazy looking...just know, I do do her hair most days...but if we aren't going anywhere this is how she usually looks...poor thing =)

The "big mess"...and I am not even talking about her hair HA HA!

Brynley was eating her breakfast in the kitchen at her new table when she decided to take her yogurt into the computer room. She dumped it on the carpet and started using it like finger paint and brushing it into the carpet with our tooth brushes. UGH! I wasn't happy, but I figured it was done so go get the camera and capture the moment as she knew she had done something wrong and she kept saying "Oh-No!" You can see by the look on her face she was busted ha ha!

Melanie surprise 30th Birthday party
(Sunday, April 18 2010)

My sister in law Melanie
(married to Kent's brother Jeff)

We decided to give Melanie a "surprise" 30th Birthday Party as we knew she would NEVER be expecting it. Especially since the actual day of her birthday kindof came and went. I knew she wasn't too happy about turning the big 3-0 so we thought it would be nice to do this for her and hopefully put a smile on her you can see it worked =)

Everyone was there (from the Stanford side of the family...except for Deb as she was in Ontario) and it was quite the ordeal to keep this quiet from her all weekend since Kent's brother Mike and his family had come up for it from Lethbridge. We told Melanie lie after lie to keep it all under wraps and much to all of our surprise she said she really had NO CLUE! When she walked in our house (her thinking her and her family were just coming over for a Sunday BBQ) we were all there and yelled "SURPRISE"...poor Melanie jumped as we scared her so badly LOL! The house was all decorated with signs and balloons. Niki made Melanie her birthday cake and it was so yummy and so nice looking...good job Niki!

Thanks again to everyone for coming and pulling this all off! A BIG thank you to Jeff and Mike for all the help on the fence and around our yard on Saturday. We accomplished a lot thanks to them!

Lucas and Brynley

Lucas and Brynley playing our piano together

Lucas is 2 months younger than Brynley and he belongs to Kent's sister Niki. Lucas and Brynley spend a lot of time together as Niki and I spent a lot of time together doing whatever we do LOL! Brynley LOVES Lucas...but she also LOVES to hurt Lucas whenever possible. Poor kid just takes it from day I hope he stands up for himself and puts her in her place and then maybe she will be nicer to him...she doesn't treat anyone else this way...only Lucas! She has been getting quite a few "time outs" to say the least...but it doesn't seem to be helping the problem.

Lucas and Bryn playing in the kids play area at the Balzac mall together
(they both love this slide)

Mom and Dad's mission call...

My parents had patiently waited about 6 weeks to recieve their mission call. It was a LONG wait, but very worth it! They have been called to serve in Salt Lake City as the Translation Coordinators in the Translation Deptartment for 23 months.

We are beyond THRILLED for them! They enter the MTC on September 13 2010.

CONGRATS Dad and Mom!!!

XO We love you XO

The Stones move to Crossfield...

This is an older family picture of them, but it is all I had to put on here.

Well, they are all moved in and we are SO happy to have them in Crossfield! They had a lot of family help to help move them and unpack. They moved into their "new to them" house this past weekend. It has a great lay out, vaulted ceilings and PLENTY of space. We have been working hard this week taping, mudding, sanding and painting their main floor. We will get the last coat of paint on it tonight...YEAH!! Then Niki can finally decorate her new home and make it comfy and beautiful for them.

Also, Niki announced a couple of weeks ago that she is expecting their 2nd child...CONGRATS!!! Hard to believe Lucas is going to be a big brother. They have about 6 bedrooms in their new home so they have lot's of space to fill up with all their kids ha ha!

Welcome to Crossfield guys!!!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Yeah! So glad they have their own place and can settle in now!

Lynn said...

Oh wow!! You have had a LOT going on in your family. Loved the update!

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Love Bryn's hair (nice mom LOL) I loved those good day! Bryn's new table looks like lots of fun. She'll love it for coloring and eating and just sitting. Does Niki have a blog. I'd love to see her house? that's so fun for them. That was nice of you to throw Melanie a you want to come to my house for my birthday?????LOL J/K. So keep the posts coming, love love love.

Barb Stanford said...

Johy, Niki does have a blog, but she hasn't taken any pics of their house yet. Her blog is

The Stanfords said...

I don't know Barb, I'm pretty sure Melanie just turned 29!