Friday, May 7, 2010

Stitches and More!

Exacto knife accident
(Wednesday, May 5 2010)

When Cole had come home from school on Wednesday he was excited to work on his Science project (some type of space station). He got all set up on the dining room table. He even asked Tyson if he wanted to help him (which was shocking to me ha ha)! Cole was in a great mood and Ty was THRILLED his brother wanted him to help him. Cole had asked me where an exacto knife was so he could cut a cardboard box I told him where it was and not once did it enter my mind to tell him to be careful (nice Mom eh!?)

I was in our bedroom hanging out with Brynley and Tyson happened to come in and relax with us as well. All of a sudden I heard Cole call my name in a funny way and he came running into my room. He had the most panicked look on his face as he was holding his hand in his mouth with his other hand and there was blood oozing out of his mouth . I was SHOCKED and terrified to see how badly he had cut himself but I knew I had to look. There was a BIG gash right below his thumb knuckle...there was A LOT of blood and I couldn't believe what I was seeing (all this meaty flesh). I grabbed a towel and told Cole to put lot's of pressure on it and told him it was going to be ok. My heart was racing as I called my sister in law Melanie to see if I could Drop of Ty and Bryn and she said yes so we all jumped in the van.

I took this picture with my cell phone after the Dr had cleaned it it is blurry and not so good.

Ok, so yes this is pretty graphic actually showing his doesn't even show how nasty it really the picture it actually doesn't look so bad...but it was NASTY!!!

Cole hanging out in one of the Urgent Care rooms waiting for the Dr to come.

They bandaged it up while when we first got there. I kept asking Cole if he was light headed or if it hurt at all and he kept saying "No."

When the Dr finally arrived (after an hour and a little bit) she took one look at it and told him it was " a good one" and that "he is very lucky he didn't cut his tendon as it is very close to it" (PHEEEEEEEW....and thank you very much is what I have to say to hearing that!)

5 stitches in total

Cole was nervous about having to get a shot in and around his wound to freeze it so the Dr could stitch it up. But in the end he said he couldn't even feel it. He didn't like looking at his cut before it was stitched up...neither did I to be honest LOL! It took 5 stitches to sew up his thumb. Cole said he was excited to show his friends and tell them what happened...typical boy! He has to have the stitches in for 10 days and then get them taken out...and of course he can't get it wet either. He is one tough kid!

Cole's science project he had been working on...didn't get to finish it.

Trampoline Fun!

Here is Cole with his 2 buddies (Chris and Nathan) and Tyson bouncing on the trampoline with Brynley in our back yard. The boys are so good to any time they are out there and she knows it she is screaming to be out there with them. The kids are kind enough to play with her and she LOVES it! In the one picture she looks like she is crying and scared LOL...but she wasn't she was giggling the whole time. She loves her boys =)

Backyard fun at Melanie and Jeff's

Tyson so good with all the little kids...he loves little kids! He was out there putting Bryn on the slide for the first time and she was one happy girl. She thought it was great and did it over and over. She climbed up the ladder all by herself and she was so proud of herself. I was very nervous watching her do this =)

Tyson, Brynley and Logan on the swing set

Tyson took Bryn on the swing as well. She was so excited and she just kept saying "weeeeeeee!"

Avery (14 months old) and Tyson

Avery is Jeff and Melanie's youngest. She is they tinniest little dang cute! Tyson had fun with her on the slide as well.

Avery is almost completely walking without falling. She started off by walking on her knees (so funny) and then she stood up and walked to Tyson and gave him a big hug! It was the sweetest thing and I don't know who was more excited...Tyson or Avery!

Cereal Queen...

Bryn enjoying cereal...poor girl, where is her mother...she looks hilarious!!

The other day I was in my room tidying up and I could hear Brynley getting into something and then saying, "mmmmm!" I came out to see what she was into and this is what I found ha ha! She had grabbed a box of cereal out of the pantry and she was quite enjoying herself.

Tyson and his new hair do!

I took the boys to this place in Crossfield to get their hair cut. Tyson wanted a "fo-hawk" (don't know if that is how you spelt it but oh well LOL). When she was done cutting it she asked him if he wanted colored gel put in his hair. He looked at me all excited and said, "PLEEEEEASE MOM?!" I didn't care so this is what we ended up with ha ha! He of course picked out a hot pink color...I laughed and said, "oh your Dad will love this!"

Tyson posing for me ha ha ha...he is such a nerd...LOVE him!!!

Crossfield weather
(April 28)

Our house after only 2 hours of it snowing
So we have had 2...that's right 2 STORM WARNINGS in April within a week of each other...what the?! It has been depressing all this snow...bring on Spring anytime! The kids actually got a snow day on the first storm as we were socked in pretty badly.

This is looking out our back door...our deck has huge drifts on it and you can see that the snow is almost up the the trampoline. The wind was crazy and of course made things MUCh worse! We have lost A LOT of shingles in the past week because of the wind and how powerful it has been. There are trees rooted up all over town even. Let's hope this is the LAST snow storm until the winter!!!


Lynn said...


Not sure how I missed this post about the knife accident. Ewww!

You are a TRUE BLUE had your camera with you the whole time. Love it!!!! What a perfect piece of document for his books.

But I gotta tell you. I felt faint just looking at the photos. Not sure how you were able to remain calm and focused. Good job mom! ; D

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Nasty!!!!! That cut looks sooo bad. Cole you are a brave man!....Tyson....tell your mom, tough guys can wear pink!
Bryn looks like the queen of the road, she's got those boys wrapped around her little finger hey! So cute. Look like you guys still have nasty weather, one more month of it to go.........hopefully!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

So neat to read all your blogging as you catch up on all the events in your family.
I agree with Lynn...even taking pics of the CUT...WOW, Cole will be so glad you did years down the road as you review your journal !!
Hugs Mom