Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Silly boy!

I told Tyson to go get dressed Saturday morning and this is what he came upstairs wearing *sigh*. As a Mom EVERY morning I have to go through a list of things with my boys to make sure they have done it and check them both over...or they would wear the same clothes everday I swear!

2 words...Ohhh MYYYYY!!!!

This kid has NO CLUE when it comes to clothes and what goes and what doesn't ha ha! I wanted to capture his taste in clothing so I told him to pose for a picture and these are the poses he did...hmmm...his Dad was not happy about the 2nd pose LOL...I on the other hand laughed and laughed! He is such a goof =)

Morning check list I have to say with the boys to make sure they have done things:

Did you brush your teeth?

Did you shower?

Do you have deoderant on?

Clean clothes and socks?

Did you do your reading?

Is your lunch ready?

Do you have your homework and agendas?


You would think that after years of asking the SAME questions that they would just do it already without having to be reminded...but NOOOOO!! I have to go through this run down of questions EVERY morning before school...I kid you not! And most times they don't have them all done and they they whine and complain...ugh!$%# And all I say is, "really? As if you don't know what I am going to ask just do it and get it done!"

Monday, May 10
Today I needed to get out of the house and do a couple of things. Kent ended up meeting Brynley and I at Market Mall in N.W. Calgary and we went to Moxie's for lunch. Before Kent arrived Brynley played in the kids play area that is located in the middle of the mall and climbed and slid on everything she possibly could...she was one happy girl! Brynley was VERY excited to see her Daddy walking towards her in the mall! Lunch was really good.

Monday evening Jeff (Kent's brother), Kent, Cole, Tyson and I all went to see the movie Iron Man 2 in Airdrie. We got our babysitter Shaylin to watch Brynley. Bryn was happy to see Shay and so it of course always makes it easier to leave Bryn when you know she is happy to see the babysitter =)

The movie was good...lot's of action. The kids enjoyed it!

To be honest I sooooo enjoy movie theatre popcorn and having a big pop as well. Sometimes I even put glossette chocolate raisins in with my popcorn and eat it all together...YUMMMMM!! My sister Becky taught me that trick. The sweet and the salty together is great =) Mind you, I also have to have the Salt and Vinegar flavoring on my popcorn as well...DELICIOUS!! Seeing a movie is a bonus, but as long as I have my popcorn and pop I am one happy girl...sad, but true! LOL

Time for a bigger bed
Last night I put Brynley in her crib to let her cry herself to sleep as I had had it with her. I had been fighting her for over an hour in our room to get her to go to sleep and she was just too wired and she wouldn't settle down. She was hysterical when I put her in her crib and walked away. But I needed to do it as I had had enough. I let her cry for about 10 minutes and I went back in there...layed her down, gave her her blanket and soother and walked back out. She was gripping onto me so tight...I felt bad! I went into our computer room to wait for her to go to sleep...another 10 minutes passed and she was still going strong...stubborn little thing isn't she LOL! As I am sitting in the computer room all of a sudden I hear banging at Brynley's is Brynley...she had climbed out of her crib!!!! HOLY shocked me so bad! There wasn't even a thud sound when she climbed out so she did it very carefully even ha ha ha! I opened the door and she was just sweating...poor thing. She wasn't going to let needless to say we need to get her out of her crib and into a bigger bed now that she can do that...good grief!!


Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Ah the list!!!! We all have them eh! Except mine is verbal, did you brush, do hair, eat ect..... But it's all good, at least we are trying to install good things in them so they will one day remember to do it on their own!....Tyson you have good style!?!?!

Lynn said...

Guess what.......that list you give to your kids every morning? Plan on doing it even up to the day they leave home. LOL! I testify it's true.

Once they leave.....they all of a sudden realize they are on their own and have to do it themselves. SO no worries.

I laughed and laughed about Brynley climbing out of her crib. Yup! She's a smart one. And yes....stubborn too. ; D