Monday, May 3, 2010

Utah trip

Our trip to down to Utah went really well and of course it went by WAY too fast! We left Thursday, April 1. Kent had some errands to do in Calgary for work before we could really get going. So we didn't get out of Calgary until around 11pm. By the time we got to Lethbridge we were ready to ditch the boys as already 2 hours into our trip they were fighting and not getting along. UGH!!! I called my parents (so the boys could hear and be worried they weren't going to be able to come if they didn't smarten up) once we got to Lethbridge and asked if the boys could stay with them and if they could come pick them up in Lethbridge as they weren't behaving. Tyson and Cole did a quick attitude change and made some promises to be better....and they were...ha ha, so it worked! Brynley did much better than we thought she would do. The boys tried to help out with her as much as possible. We made it all the way to Dillon Montana and stayed the night. It was only 4 hours away from Emily's...but we figured it was time to stop and then the kids could swim and get out some of there energy. I was so buys packing everyone and making sure they all didn't forget things that in the end I forgot my bathing suit. That ticked me off as I really was looking forward to swimming and relaxing. Oh well! The kids were happy to be out of the vehicle and swimming. Kent and Brynley also were in the pool and had a good time.

We left Dillon Montana in the morning and arrived to Emily's Friday afternoon. When we arrived Tyson had a fever. The poor kid has the worst time with his ears (he has had tubes put in his ears twice already). I figured from the elevation change it bothered his ear drums. So for 2 days we gave him Tylenol every 4 hours and then he was fine. You know he is sick when we went out to eat at the Golden Corral Buffet and he doesn't want to eat...poor guy! Yes eating out at the Golden Corral Buffet is one of our Utah fun rituals...the kids love it there and so do we =)

poor kid...he was so sick!

Emily and Brynley

My sister Emily is a WONDERFUL Mother, Sister and Aunt! She is always doing fun things with the kids and she is so creative.

Brynley really likes coloring and Emily got her all set up at the table to do it...Bryn thought life couldn't get better than that =)
Easter Morning...

We do the Easter baskets Saturday morning with the kids. This way Sunday is saved for what Easter is really about.

The Easter bunny came and left foot prints all over the place...up the stairs and to where all the kids were sleeping...and of course to where all of the Easter baskets got put. Brynley wasn't quite sure about the foot prints so she would step over them ha!

After that they got ready to go to the Plain City Easter candy hunt. They do it at one of there big parks. There is candy that has been scattered all over the grass in all different areas of the park. They even have them sectioned off in age groups to make it fair. It works out really great and the kids have fun doing it. Cole and Max didn't go as they are too old for it now. Tyson couldn't go as he was sick. It was also VERY cold out and so we weren't even going to take Bryn...but last minute we decided to take her. She thought it was great.

Priesthood Session...

Saturday, April 3 was the Priesthood session of Conference. This was Cole's first time going so we were excited for him. He wasn't too sure of it as it was going to be 2 hours long.

Kent, Cole, Maxwell and Mark

Easter morning...General Conference!

Here is everyone that was at Emily's house while we were watching conference. My brother in law Darren Cahoon and his son Wilson were there with us. They stopped on their way back home to Cardston.

Conference is always hard to fully watch and hear when you have little kids running around. You can only try to contain them for so long =) So we did our best and let's just say I can't wait for the Ensign to come out with all the talks in it so I can read them LOL!

Mom had sent Emily this neat hairdo book. So Elizabeth wanted Em to try one out on her while we were watching conference. It turned out so cute and Elizabeth really liked it.

We also had a really yummy Easter dinner that Emily and Mark made that we at after we watched Conference. It was all very yummy! And no pictures as I wasn't thinking DARN!!!

We were able to see a couple of movies while we were there.

This was interesting and it was ok. A little scary in a couple of places I thought, but the kids like it. I didn't care about what movie we went to as all I wanted was the popcorn ha ha...I REALLY like movie theatre popcorn!

This was a cute and fun one. It had us all laughing throughout.

The Weather...

It was so shocking to us to be down in Utah and the weather as actually colder there than it was back home. It was blizzarding for about 2 1/2 days while we were there...they got a TON of snow dumped on them! We were ticked about that as it is usually so nice out and trees are blooming and what not...not this year though.

Miscellaneous fun...
Miss Brynley was in her glory at The Osenbach's. All 5 of my sisters kids were SO good to her. She got a TON of attention from each of them every day.

She loved playing the piano whenever Elizabeth was sitting and trying to do her practicing.

Max, Cole and Elizabeth all playing their portable hand held games. They were doing that for a while. We didn't care as long as everyone was getting along and happy. Max won a DSI in this game machine thing at a Chinese food resturant so he gave his sister Elizabeth his old one...EVERYONE was happy!!

Maxwell combing out Bryn's snarly mess

Ok, so Bryn has CRAZY hair. She has a calic right dead center of her forehead and then 2 in the back on her crown. And the very back part of her has is always a big fuzzy rats nest mess!!! Her hair is VERY thin and fine as it is still trying to grow in. Now just so we are clear I do brush her hair every morning and put cute hair things in it...but within minutes she has pulled them out and she looks like she is an orphan =)

My nephew Max (12) had a hard time looking at Bryn's hair when it got clearly bothered him as every now and then I would see him combing her hair. It made me laugh as it was so cute...but he would also say, "there that is much better." So in the end it was all good cause then Max was happy and Bryn didn't look like an orphan anymore ha ha!

Calvin (4) and Brynley (18 months old)

Calvin was so, so good with Brynley. He played with her A LOT! She was in her glory with all the attention she was getting from all these new to her people =) Calvin being the sweet boy that he is built her and him a bridge from the chair to the hide a bed. They played on this for quite a while and laughed and giggled away. So cute and so fun to watch them!

Calving rescuing Bryn as she was about to fall off the bridge LOL

Calvin and Brynley were so cute together. Brynley and him would walk around the house holding hands as Brynley would lead him around the house to wherever she wanted to go. They both had big smiles on their faces and he did whatever she wanted LOL!

Brynley trying to actually get inside the little car to ride it ha ha! She was so frustrated that she couldn't get in it and sit down.

Decorating Easter Eggs...

The kids had a great time decorating Easter Eggs. That is my cute nephew Calvin (4) in the middle him!!

This is Tyson and my 2 nephews Korhman (9) and Calvin (4) who all decided to take some of the Easter Eggs and hit them outside with a baseball bat. Nice hey!! Let's just say once I took a couple of pictures it all came to a stop LOL.

Sick...Kent and Brynley both got really sick while we were there (Ty was as well but he got better) before they got sick. We had a rough few nights with Brynley and it wasn't getting any better...and poor Kent couldn't breath and he was in pain as well. So we went to the Dr and they both had ear infections and Kent had a sinus cold as well. Once they got some medicine in them they were doing much better thank goodness =)

New words...

Brynely chasing around the poor "itty" (kitty).

While we were down in Utah Brynley stared saying all these new words out of nowhere.

itty (kitty)
baw (ball)
irdie (birdie)
ease (please)
Coy (Cole)
Ta (Tyson)
Oh dee (oh dear)
eay, et, GO! (ready, set, GO)

Brynley loved there bird and cat. She couldn't get enough of them and just wanted to touch them and hold them. Ok maybe not the bird but she would touch it =) She is a major animal lover like I was...not good as I brought home anything that crossed my path LOL!

Funny story...
so as a family we really enjoy watching the series Little House on the Prairie. Kent bought me the set for Christmas and we ALL really enjoy watching it together....even Brynley likes it.

Kent had mentioned to me that Brynley hadn't called him Dad (Da) for a while and it bothered him and we couldn't figure out why she wouldn't say it anymore. One day Kent had left the our bedroom and Bryn got upset and said, "Pa" and looked at me like where did he go. I thought she was wanting to go look at pictures in the kitchen of Kent's Dad Russ whom we call Papa. So I picked her up and we went and looked at the pictures and I pointed to Russ and said, "there he is, there is Papa" Brynley smiled and that was that. I took her back into our bedroom and Kent came back in and Brynley started clapping her hands saying "Pa". I realized she was referring to Kent as "Pa" and the past few days she had been calling me "Ma" I chalked it up to her watching too much Little House on the Prairie as that is what the kids on that show call their parents Ma and Pa. We had a good laugh once we figured it out. Kent wasn't sure he liked her calling him Pa, but he is used to it now and it makes us laugh.

Ring around the Rosy...

Brynley LOVES playing Ring around the Rosy. So anytime she could she would grab the boys and do this in the kitchen over and over and over. They were such good sports about it as she wanted to do it ALL the time. And she would even go grab their hands while they were busy doing something and walk them up to the kitchen to do it...and they would smile and say "oh no, not this again!" And then they would just do it anyways. a fun place the men take the kids. It is a place where there are lot's of different types of games that are all only a nickel each. At the end they hand in there tokens they one from whatever games they played and they get to pick whatever prizes they are wanting.

While the men take the kids there Emily and I go shopping...NO KIDS!!! It was great and went by way too quickly. Shopping in Utah is so much more fun I think. Emily and I had a good visit while we were eating lunch and we were able to find some good deals. The store Ross is always a good place to shop is like our Winners, but even better deals than Winners. I really enjoy when Emily and I get to go out and spend time togther since we only get to see each other once a year. We always have a good time!

We left Utah on Friday, April 9. We pulled our brother in laws tent trailer back with us to Cardston that he had purchased while in Utah. He had no way to pull it home and was going to come back and get it. We had a truck that could pull it so Kent offered to take it up for him.

On the way home we stopped in at The Shilou Inn in Helena Montana and stayed the night. We even got the boys there own connecting room to ours so they thought that was AWESOME! And so did we as then we had more space and we weren't tripping over each other. They went swimming and had a good time.

Thanks again to the Osenbach Family for a wonderful time! We love you guys and miss you already.



Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Yaaaa!!! I'm so glad to see all your pictures of your annual trip to Utah! That's so fun that you guys get to do that. Looks like you had lots of fun with the Osenbachs and them with you guys. We love all of you!!! Thanks for sharing!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh wow the pictures were worth a 1,000 words each. Such fun to read and see all the pictures. Wish the weather had been better for you. Thanks for the great write up! Such good memories! Hugs. Mom

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh wow the pictures were worth a 1,000 words each. Such fun to read and see all the pictures. Wish the weather had been better for you. Thanks for the great write up! Such good memories! Hugs. Mom

Lynn said...

OH man! That story about Little House on the PRairie just cracks me up!!

My girls STILL love to watch them all to this day. They both bought their own set of DVD's too.

"Pa." Ha hA. That is PRICELESS! She is still so little.

P.S. Thanks for sharing about your trip to Utah. That was SO fun to read. Sorry about the ones that got sick, but thankfully they seemed to get better quickly.