Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going on a trip

The boys had Monday, March 22 off of school so I found a babysitter for Brynley and took the boys the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I have to say I wasn't looking forward to going to this movie, but hey that is what ya do for your kids. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie as it was really funny. It had me grossed out and laughing pretty hard. The actors in this movie did such a good I recommend this movie to parents with kids!

This past Friday, March 26 we went swimming with Kent's sister Sheri and her family in Didsbury. Why Didsbury you ask? Well, it is half way between our homes...Sheri lives in Innisfail and us in Crossfield so it was just easier that way. The Didsbury pool is cheaper and actually pretty nice I must say. No pictures once again...dang I am getting bad with that! I am NOT impressed with myself. I really need to take pictures of Bryn in her cute bathing suits and show you all how friggin' cute. Brynley really enjoys the water (thank goodness) and so do the boys. Their cousins Taylor (10) and Josh (9) were there waiting for the boys and they all had a good time together. Afterwards we went to Olds for dinner and visited.

Saturday morning we had to be at our church in Airdire by 9:00 a.m. as it was our turn to clean it. All 3 of the other families showed up so it only took us an hour to do it. I have to say it was nice to be able to do this...this was our first time. I am glad our boys were able to help and see how to respect and take care of the church.

Logan 5th birthday - movie

This picture is from a year ago at his 4th bday party

This sweet boy was born on April 1, 2005. So yes, his borthday falls on April Fool's Day every year...poor guy! He is the cutest little guy and we love him to bits =)

Saturday afternoon we were able to get a babysitter so we could ALL go to our nephew Logan's 5th birthday party movie. We went to How to train your Dragon and it was in 3D. We all enjoyed this one as well. It is amazing what they can now with cartoon characters. They seem so realistic and it made me want a dragon =)

Another good show to see!

Saturday evening we went up to Sheri's so Kent could watch UFC with Mike and we all could have dinner and the kids played and Sheri and I visited. It went by quickly, but it was nice to be there and to hang out. Supper was delicious of course...Sheri is a GREAT cook!

Sunday, March 28 2009
This is now a very important date in our is one Tyson will remember always! It was fast and testimony meeting and as people were going up to bear their testimonies Tyson leaned over and whispered to me that he wanted to go up and do his. I was shocked and I said, "no Tyson you don't need to as you really don't know what you are going to say" he was disappointed and said, "but Mom I want to." I felt bad for saying that to him, but you have to know Tyson LOL I love him, but he is a silly 9 year old boy that is still so naive and innocent...but he looks older than he is. In the end Kent let him go up and I was WORRIED...he did so good. The poor kid got up there and when he got to the microphone up in front of everyone you could see the shock and the fear come over him...he turned a lovely shade of ghostly white! He took a second (he said once he saw all the people he got scared and his mind went blank...poor guy gets that from me) and then he bore his testimony. It was nice to hear and we are proud of him for doing it. Cole wasn't there as he was sick so he wasn't happy that he missed it. Funny how both the boy beat Kent and I bearing our testimonies...not that it is a race, but I thought for sure they would wait later till the end of the year to do it. They are good boys and I am so glad they have accomplished this family goal.

Tyson swim lessons...

Tyson took Swim Kids 5 in Airdire at the Rec. Centre there. Tyson is like a fish out of water. He has ALWAYS enjoyed being in the water. He had swimming lessons every Monday and Wednesday evening for a month. Needless to say he didn't pass...he was pretty shocked and disappointed. One of the other Mom's there told me his teacher usually doesn't pass anyone the first time through...come to find out only 1 kid passed out of the 10 kids. Oh well, I told Ty that just means he needs to work harder.

Utah, here we come!!

The Osenbach Family

Mark, Emily

Maxwell (12), Elizabeth (11), Calvin (5), Nathan (2) and Korhman (9)

My gosh, I can't even tell you how VERY excited to go to Utah and see my sister Emily and her family. We saw them this past Summer, but it has been about 9 months. There will be some definite shopping done and just visiting, playing, relaxing and hanging out. The kids are excited to play with their cousins. We do every Easter down there and they kids have a great time together doing this.

Pictures to come...


Gayla said...

Hey...I am thinking you have to pick me up on your way to Utah!!! I am so jealous, even though we will be there in 27 days too.
So so proud of Tyson and wanting to bear his testimony! Love that boy!!!
Your family is so lucky to have you recording their family story for them. Love that you are printing it off and keeping it in binder for future reference.
Love you and hugs as you guys leave today...
Safe traveling!!

Lynn said...

HEY! My son's birthday is coming up and he LOVES the book series "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." I had no idea there was movie out of it. Now I got me a GREAT idea for a gift. ; D


Have a wonderful trip with your sister and family! There is nothing like GREAT family is there.

Russell & Johanna Anderson said...

Hey so I'm now a blogging women!!!! Yaaaaa I am excited about it and still have much to learn. Do you have Ken and Carols e-mail??? I would like to share our blog with them, and Linda Check mine over and tell me if I've missed anyone. I still have lots of questions for you but I'll bug you when you get home. have fun.

The Stanfords said...

Hey, we saw "how to train your dragon" today. I loved it! haha, and so did Roel. It's been a while and I was nervous about him getting restless but he was enthralled the whole time and excited about the glasses.