Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy bees...

Since Tyson is now 10 1/2 years old we figured it is time he learned how to move the lawn. He was excited about this as he has been waiting to be old enough to do it ha ha...and I am sure once he has done it a couple of times he will wish he was never taught ;)

Kent teaching Tyson how to mow the lawn.

Tyson did a good job. Cole and Ty will take turns mowing the lawn each week they said. I have to smile as it just amazes me how quickly our boys are growing up!

Tyson has been learning how to play the recorder at school this year. He is really enjoying it. He comes home with it every time he has learned something new and plays it for me.
I love his excitement when he learns something new :) 

Cole had a fun week last week...but no pictures to show for it as I was not there with him. He went on his first band camp on Wednesday, May 11-12th, which was for one night. I believe they went somewhere near Cochrane...shoot I can't remember exactly. 
Then on Monday, May 16th his school band was playing in a recital up in Red Deer so he got to miss school again that day. He was happy about getting to miss another day of school and said he had a good time and they played the best they have ever played. I am so bummed I missed it...wish we could have gone to listen to them play.

Cole left this morning around 6:30 a.m. as he had to be in Airdrie at our church to meet the bus for 6:45 a.m. The Youth of our ward are going to Cardston on a Temple trip for the day. Once again I SOOOOO wish I could have gone, but it just wasn't possible. They will eat in the Temple cafeteria when they are done and then head off to Waterton to do some hiking and then head home.

New Trampoline...
We bought a new trampoline as our last one had had its day. It was fun to watch the boys and one of their friends try to put it together. I told him how to do it properly and then I told him to make sure he reads the instructions as trampolines are tough to put together. Cole said, "I know, I know" and went to work on putting it together. 

 Cole and his friend Braden and Tyson trying to put the trampoline together.

Look at all those dead patches of grass *sigh*...we were so frustrated when the snow melted to see our grass in the backyard looking like this.

 Almost done!

About 2 1/2 hours later they were done. Cole came in and said how hard it was too put together and that they had to do it (the way I told them to to begin with) this certain way and once they did it went way smoother. I smiled and nodded and said great job son! It took everything I had to not say REALLY...I told you so...but since I am the nice, loving Mom that I am, I restrained myself from such criticism ha ha ha!!

It is great having a trampoline again for the kids! They spend A LOT of time on it and that is a good thing :)

Painted toes...
Last weekend Kent and I went together and got a pedicure. Kent likes getting them just as much as I do and it is always fun to go together to get them done. When Bryn saw my toes all painted so pretty she said,
"Ohhh, pretty, pretty Mum!"
On Thursday, May 19th Bryn was looking at my toes and she kept touching them and petting them saying how pretty they were. And then I thought, hey we have never painted Bryn's toes!  
So I went and found some teal finger nail polish in my drawer and asked her if she wanted her toes "pretty?" She smiled and said yes. I was a little nervous how I was going to do it. Keeping her still and not touching them till they had time to dry was going to be tricky.

Bryn's "pretty" toes!
It is a teal color...hard to tell in this picture.
Brynley showing her painted toes...this is what she does...she will be walking and then she will stop and point at her toes and say "pretty" and smile! She LOVES having her toes painted!

Brynley and Mommy's "pretty" toes!

Bella was napping so it was nice to just have time together with Bryn like that. Once her toes were dry we laid on my bed cuddling and then she fell asleep in my nice!

If I am wearing socks Bryn will take them off of me and touch my toes and then touch her toes and say over and over, 

"ohhh you pretty, pretty, me pretty, pretty!"

Please excuse the quality of the pictures as they were all taken with my cell phone ha ha!

Funny Story... 
I was sound asleep and it was 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. At some point in the night Bryn had crawled into our bed and fell asleep between us. Unfortunately for me Brynley was cuddled up right next to me while she was sleeping and she peed the bed. I was rudely awakened to a hot, wet sensation all down my side. It was N-A-S-T-Y!! That is the first time she has ever had an accident in the night like that...and of course I got soaked as well ha ha! Ohhhhh the joys of being a Mom :)

I am so blessed to be Cole, Tyson and Brynley's Mom!!



Lynn said...

I remember when Dean taught our boys how to mow the lawn. It was hilarious!!! It was if he was the passenger in the car teaching them how to drive. He was SO peticular about it that they almost refused to mow any more lawns! lol

Brynn is such a girlie girl. So cute!!!

I laughed when I read.....cause I thought back to when Dean and I went together for the first time to get our toes done......the girls there almost had convinced Dean that he needed to have his toes painted too. "That's what all the modern guys do now." HA ha. He just about wanted to run out the door knowing this.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

What a fun read!!
Mowing lawns...when did they get so big!?
Band camp...say what?! Too fun.
LOL on the trampoline assembly...LOL so glad you have one again.
Pretty toes for that princess beast!
Thanks for sharing!! Mwah...MOM