Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby steps...

Our Brynley has been sleeping in our bed with us since she was about 7 months old....Bryn is now 2 1/2 years old! Kent and I are EXHAUSTED to say the least! It is not something we wanted, but it is something we did to get through all that was going on at the time. 

Seriously, we don't get much sleep as Bryn sleeps sideways so she is either kicking Kent all night or me. And no matter how many times we lift her up and turn her so she isn't kicking us...she ALWAYS ends up back that way. We get snide remarks all the time about how "Brynley is the queen bee of the house" and she tell us all what to do and gets her way....well, let me tell you...then YOU deal with it all and see how well you do...just sayin'!! 

Brynley also (since she was a baby) throws up whenever she gets really upset. So much so she can do it on demand now...NOT COOL!! We tried letting her cry it out in her crib and then in her bed and she would always throw up everywhere. So no now we don't let her cry it out as we don't want to be cleaning up barf all the time. Especially not in the middle of the night or in the morning when it has dried up and everywhere. So therefore she has been in our bed with us *sigh* and that hasn't been good either...let me tell ya!!

When she was born she was the best sleeper. She slept in her crib and slept 10-12 hours at was AWESOME!! Then, when she started teething and Kent's parents had just moved in with us (so there was LOT'S going on) she did a complete change and now, well, all I can say is that she is "broken" LOL!

Anyways, Kent and I decided to lay a blanket on the floor beside my side of the bed and a pillow and that is where she can sleep. We told her that the bed is Daddy and Mommy's bed to sleep in, NOT Brynley's bed. We showed her where she is going to sleep and you could tell she was a little confused. I told her she can sleep there on the floor OR go sleep in her nice comfy bed (I walked her down to her room and we sat on her bed). She ran back to our room and laid on her new bed on the floor pointing at it smiling saying, 

"me sleep here, no mummy's bed, no daddy's bed." 

And she was so cute as she listened and kept looking at me and then pointed to our bed and said,  

"Daddy, Mummy's bed."
Brynley asleep on the floor beside our bed.

We started that over a week far so good! So we figure that that is GREAT progress!! Yes, she is still in our room...but she is not in our bed and that is SO nice :) Next step, to get her in her own room and in her own bed...can't wait!!

Bryn asleep on the floor beside our bed. I wanted to take a picture of her owie that had just happened the day before...poor baby :)

Brynley was running around outside in our backyard with her cousin Logan and our foster son Nate when she tripped and landed on her face on the cement....OWIE!!


The Stanfords said...

Yay! That was a genius idea. I can't believe she accepted it so easily. Using logic to convince her; she's growing up!

Lynn said...

That is a great idea towards getting her back into her own bed! Looks like it's working. Yay!

And OUCH!! to that last pictures. Yowzer!!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh Brynley's face is so sore looking....ow ow ow!!!

Glad she is out of your bed so YOU GUYS can get some better sleep even though SHE talks in her sleep...someday, someday! Hugs and all the best.
Love you.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Looked back again at poor Brynley's face. It hurts just to see the picture. Sweet little girl. How that must have hurt and it will take time to heal. Polysporin or neosporin to prevent infection and then as it heals use vitamin E oil to help healing.
Owchy is right!