Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random happenings...

So last week was my first week of working out at the gym. Can we say, O-U-C-H!!! Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you the pain I have been muscles are all freaking out...I think it is cause they are in shock cause it has been so long LOL!  

Actually, as bad as it hurts it is a good feeling as I know I am actually doing what I set out to do. 

Brynley is really enjoying going to the gym with me and playing in the daycare with other kids. She gives me a BIG hug and a VERY loud "mwaaaah" on the lips and says, "bye Mum" so happily! I am glad she likes it in there it makes going to the gym so much easier.

Cole has been babysitting a lot more lately and has been happy to have some money in his pocket. We are trying to teach him that just because you have money it doesn't mean you have to spend it...and he says,
"Mom, I am a kid...that is what we do!" 

So far he hasn't spent it and is holding off until something good comes along. He is looking into buying a punching bag to work out on...good idea =)

Goodbye Hockey!
Yes, you heard me correctly as of this morning we officially don't have boys playing hockey anymore???? Strange, but true! 

Cole and Tyson's hockey teams are too big for only 1 team and too small for 2 teams. Long story short, there are A LOT of politics involved in how hockey is ran...and it is all C-R-A-P!!! 

So, the boys each decided they are done with it and wanted to try something different. Actually they both decided that since hockey is played a lot on Sundays (which we didn't let our boys do and that caused a lot of problems with other parents) AND their practice nights were going to be the same night of there Cubs and Scouts (Tuesdays) they would never get to go to their church, therefore that was not ok with either of them and they were choosing church over hockey! HALLELUJAH we taught them and they actually listened and choose the right all on there own...we are VERY happy parents! 

Don't get me wrong we (and the boys) will miss hockey as it was fun and they both LOVED it! But, it was definitely time to move on. Kent and I are happy to have our weekends back and not have to travel all over the place. We are happy to not have to deal with all the "crap" that came along with playing hockey anymore ((sigh...deep breath))!!

Kickboxing and Muay Thai...
We told the boys if they aren't in hockey they need to be in something else to keep busy and feel apart of something. They have both decided to join a Kickboxing and Muay Thai Class that is taught in Airdrie. They go twice a week and they are really enjoying it! They come out exhausted and EXTREMELY they get a great workout =)

I found these pictures of Brynley and her cousin Kori on my cell phone that I had forgotten about LOL!
Melanie and her kids and I had gone to the mall to do some shopping (this was taken a few months ago). Bryn and Kori were touching everything so while we were waiting for Melanie I let them try on some sunglasses. They were hilarious and were giggling and laughing at themselves in the mirror.


Lynn said...

THat is Awesome! YOur successful week at the gym and also your amazing young men choosing the right no matter how hard that is. Good job mom!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Sunglasses are hilarious on those cuties!
Glad the gym and your muscles are making an acquaintance again...ouch!
Proud of those wonderful grandsons for making an important and wise choice in their lives.
hugs to you all.

Laura G said...

I love finding forgotten photo's. They are TOO cute!!!!

OIMN said...

That takes a lot of courage to not play on Sundays and to commit to week day activities. Thanks for your example. I take strength from others!