Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tickles and Peanut Butter

All 3 of our kids have always liked getting their arms, face, back tickled from time to time. It is relaxing and feels good. I remember as a child always wanting to sit by my Mom during sacrament meetings (church) as she would always tickle your arm or back as you sat there and it felt so good!

Miss Brynley now will pat wherever she is wanting tickled and then lay there and wait for us to do it. If we take to long she will just keep patting her back or leg or arm until we start to do it...funny girl!

Peanut Butter Kids!
Tyson and Bryn eating peanut butter!
As far back as I can remember Tyson has always really liked Peanut Butter. He really likes plain old Peanut Butter sandwiches and he most favorite is simply just eating a big ol' scoop of Peanut Butter off of a spoon. Now, I do it myself from time to time...but Ty does it VERY often! It always seems like we are running out of peanut butter...major "staple" in our house!
Bryn had had enough of Tyson being "in her space" as you can see her pushing his face away from her LOL!

Early one morning...
I came into the kitchen as I could hear Bryn getting into something and this is what I saw. She had pushed a chair up to where the spoons were at and was putting them into the peanut butter and eating it...not just one spoon...but I there was 4!
She is so independent and just figures out how to do things on her own. Not sure I like this stage as she tends to make some pretty big messes. But she is so dang cute and funny it is hard to stay mad at her.
A look inside the peanut butter jar...yep, there are 4 different spoons!
Gee, can ya tell she L-O-V-E-S peanut butter?? She was smacking her lips and licking her fingers after every taste ha ha.

New words and sounds
We have been working on Brynley knowing the "sounds" that animals make. It is so fun to play this with her as she gets right into it. She knows what a cow says, a cat, dog, duck, and now a frog. She came to me one morning pointing to the frog on her jammies wondering what it was, so I taught her what a frog says...she giggled and thought it was great! 

She calls any food "num-num."

She also now says "Tay Too" or "Tank Q" (thank you). She even says it at the appropriate times...even if it is when she is taking a toy from another child LOL!

Aunt Melanie's boots...
Brynley wearing Aunt Melanie's boots! They were so tall they were right up under her butt. But Bryn didn't care she really liked them.

Melanie and her family were over for supper one evening and when it was time for them to go Brynley had gone to the front door and put on Melanie's rain boots. We all had a good laugh as she really liked them and didn't want to take them off. She was not happy when Melanie put them on and left with dare she LOL!?


Lynn said...

LOL! She is so cute!

And about that Peanut Butter thing.....that was SO me when I was a kid. All through High School too. I would come home, grab the peanut butter and a spoon and sit in front of the TV eating it away.

I never did get sick of it, but once I had to quit processed foods (thyroid), and cut out all sugars, I went for the 100% pure peanut butter (took a little getting use to....but it's all I can eat now. The other stuff tastes TOO sweet). I eat 4 peanut butter sandwiches on Toast every single morning for breakfast. It's all I will eat for breakfast. ; D

Barb Stanford said...


YOur peanut butter kids are hilarious! Love how Brynley at least uses HER own spoons out of the drawer. She is a smart sweetie and I miss her and the boys. When are we going to SKYPE????? It is time~


Angela said...

Your slideshow family pictures are wonderful. What a cute little girl you have and I love the peanut butter pictures. They don't sell Kraft PB in the states, it must be delicious.

Laura G said...

Mmmm....a girl after my own heart. Lydia would do that same thing if I let her. I am into Nutella lately, I could eat that by the spoonful if I didn't know how many calories it was. :(