Monday, September 20, 2010

What's on your "Bucket List?"

Do you have a "Bucket List" of things you would like to accomplish before you die? I sure do!

My list has always just been things I really just always wished for. Never did I even consider actually doing them...they were always put off for "someday." For a while now I have felt like I am missing out on things and not fulfilling all I need to or could be doing. That I am just here...does that make sense?

So, when I got to thinking about what I would like to accomplish I got really was like something was awakened inside me! I have decided in order for me to grow and feel like I am doing the things I long to do, I need to actually do the things on my "bucket list!" And ever since I made the goal to start doing my "bucket list" I am SO excited!! I feel like FINALLY I am going to do be doing what I need to do to feel fulfilled!!!

Now, my "bucket list" is not a big, deep thinking is pretty basic really. They are goals of things that I personally would like to accomplish so I can be proud of myself. And to be honest, I don't even know all of my "bucket list" yet...I am just getting started on the small things and as I go, more and more will be added to it.

I am not someone who can sing that great...even though I do like to sing. I would never sing a solo that is for sure. However, singing is something I have ALWAYS wished I could do. I am not talented musically in any area. One day I am hoping to change that. I would like to learn how to play the piano, take singing lessons and I think it would be really fun to take a dance class of some sort. Photography is something I would like to learn as well. Those are all pretty big and high up on my "bucket list."

Right now I am conquering one of the items on my "bucket list"...I am learning how to sew. Yep, I have taken my first class and I really enjoyed it! I made Bryn this cute skirt.
 It turned out so much cuter than I thought it would.

Dancing with Daddy in the kitchen!

I am VERY proud of myself I will admit =) It turned out really cute and Bryn likes it. She calls it "me pretty!"
Brynley dancing around our kitchen in her new skirt. She kept watching her reflection on the oven door as she danced!
She really likes her skirt and wouldn't let me take it off LOL!

Gradually my hope is to learn how to quilt as I really like quilts. A lady in one of the Airdrie wards (Rose Travers) is volunteering her time to teach whoever wanted to come. There was a good turn out...some of us were beginners and others were over at other tables quilting. The class is every other Thursday from 7-9:30p.m. It took me one full day to finish the I figure that was pretty good for a beginner =) I had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to our next class =)
Once I am comfortable with sewing and get some knowledge about quilting I will move onto the next item on my "bucket list" and so forth.
I am looking forward to taking the necessary steps to be able to cross off all my "bucket list" items. I want to be able to say "Wow, what a ride" at the end of my life and be proud that I lived my best life!


Lynn said...

Good for you! Some of your bucket list items are the same ones on my list. I have no clue how to sew either.. And I have always wanted to take voice lessons. I can sing.....but not really. I want to know how to hit every note and sing strong.

You inspire me!

Melanie Stanford said...

I'm glad that you're finding time to do stuff for you and accomplish your goals. Believe me- I know how wonderful and fulfilling it feels. And... if you ever want to take a dance class, you know I'd do that with you! I'll probably take another one in the winter. Something to think about...

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Yeah for you Barb! Keep sewing...and enjoy it!
i am doing one of my bucket lists right now...going on a mission with Terry. We are so blessed. And are so proud of you! Hugs!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

YOur peanut butter kids are hilarious! Love how Brynley at least uses HER own spoons out of the drawer. She is a smart sweetie and I miss her and the boys. When are we going to SKYPE????? It is time~

Laura G said...

Awesome!!! I have a list that needs revising. Going to an Oprah taping was on it. Not going to happen now. Boo. Oh well, I need more pratical things that will make me a better person. You are very inspiring.