Friday, September 10, 2010

Drumheller camping

We went camping near Drumheller for our last 10 days in August before school started.
For the first 4 days we had Taylor and Joshua (nephews) with us. The 4 boys had a good time and were very well behaved.

Here are the 4 boys sitting around the campfire telling stories to each other and hanging out. They all slept out in a big tent behind the fifth wheel.

It was funny to watch them play Bocce Ball.

Sheri, Kent and the boys swimming

Sheri and Mike came camping there as well for a couple of days. Sheri was a good sport and joined in with Kent and the boys doing all their who can do the best cannon ball etc.

I don't remember this little boys name, but they were camping right next to us. Brynley made herself quite comfortable playing with his toys. Then they each got a broom and they played for a good hour with those silly things.

Brynley with a net trying to catch a rabbit that was in the trees near us.

All over the campground there are wild rabbits. And of course the kids all like to try to catch them. Tyson and some friends he made while camping had been trying for days and days to catch a rabbit and had no luck. One morning I was talking on my cell phone to my Aunt outside when I looked over and watched Brynley walk right up to a rabbit and pick it up by the scruff of his neck. I was SHOCKED and I went running over there telling her to let go and put it down. She was holding it like a trophy and saying, "kitty, kitty" and running away from me shaking the poor thing ha ha! You better believe Ty son caught a rabbit later that day once he found out his 22 month old sister had caught one before him LOL!
Sheri and Brynley swimming together.

A year ago Sheri and her family and us camped at this same campground. Look at how much Bryn has grown and changed since then...sweet little thing!

Brynley (10 months old) August year ago at the same pool with Aunt Sheri!

Jeff and Family
Jeff and his family came out for the day the first Saturday we were camping. The older kids went swimming with the Dad's and Melanie and I stayed back at the campsite with our 2 little ones as they were napping.

Brynley and Avery chasing rabbits.

We went for a walk with all the kids and ended up at the playground.

Melanie and her kids (Jade, Logan, Kori and Avery) playing at the park with their cousins.

Kent, Jeff and Buddy hanging out and visiting while the kids played.

Taylor and Brynley at the park. Taylor was so good with Bryn! He took her on everything and was so patient with her. She was one happy girl!

Tyson and his buddy T.L.
T.L. was camping right next to us and came right over to Ty and asked him if he wanted to go ride bikes with him. After that they were constantly together...and I mean CONSTANTLY. They even shared our tent together and ate breakfast at each other's place LOL!

Tyson and T.L. rode bikes, went swimming, went on walks, fishing, catching rabbits and so much more together. They had a great time together! I was SO happy Tyson found a friend there as Cole wasn't there he was in Strathmore with his friend Tyler.

Us adults need to take a lesson from our kids in how they get to know each other. It didn't faze them one bit that they didn't know each other. They just said, "hey let's play" and off they went. How cool is that?! I wish as an adult I had that care free spirit...something I need to work out for sure.

Brynley and Buddy hanging out on the dock watching the kids play in the Lake. It was cold and very windy that day. I did eventually let Bryn put her toes in the water and Buddy off his leash. He LOVES the water!

Bryn talking away to the rabbit hiding in the trees. She kept reaching her arms out to it as she wanted to hold it so badly!

Random shots of Bryn while camping. She is a stubborn little girl, but she has the greatest smile and the best giggle!

Talking to
"Mama" on the phone
I was trying to get Brynley to have a nap when she found my cell phone. She picked it up and started gibbering away like she was talking to "Mama" on the phone. Whenever I am talking on the phone she always assumes it is my Mom and wants to talk. Cause whenever my Mom calls Brynley and her talk on the phone...which Bryn LOVES!
She is funny to watch as she uses her hands as she is talking and moves her head from side to side and will giggle and everything when talking on the phone. Funny thing is is that no one was on the phone, she just acted like it was "Mama" she was talking to!

She even opened up the curtains and pressed the phone up to the window to show "Mama" what was outside! She is a funny little thing =)

Corn On The Cob
We had Corn On the Cob one night with our supper and this was Brynley's first time having it.

As you can see she REALLY enjoyed it! She was hilarious to watch and listen to as she was just humming as she would bite into it and eat it.

Camping was fun. We didn't get to do much of it this year...but we are glad we were able to do what we did!


Lynn said...

That is SO adorable!!!

Loved this post. You guys are awesome when it comes to squeezing out every last drop of summer!!!!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Hey this was the funnest read about all the camping!! What a good time. So glad Brynley like to talk to me even when I am not on the phone...great pictures...I was laughing. Hey one need to get Cole or someone to take pictures of you having fun too! Where are you> LOL