Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The joys of an almost 1 year old...

Brynley has now discovered the "snack" cupboard. This is the cupboard where all the lunch snacks for school are kept. She has watched the boys go in there in the mornings before school to get there lunches ready. She figured out how to open it and is constantly in there now!

Mmmmm rice krispie treats...

Checkin' out what else to pull out of there

Brynley has been going through "teething hell" for the past few weeks. Sleep has been non-existent for me at night. So you would think since she isn't sleeping well at night then she should nap good during the day...NOPE! She now has 6 teeth and loves to show them off...wish I could get a picture of her doing her cheesy grin as it is hilarious. She looks VERY similar to this Anne Gedde baby picture below...

This picture is similar to Bryn's cheesy grin she does...except she has 4 teeth up top and 2 on the bottom...and she is WAYYYYY cuter of course =)

Walking...Brynley is pretty much walking now...I can't believe it! It is so weird to see her walking around...but man is she ever cute! Her little legs want to go faster than her body. She gets right back up every time she falls and is SO happy to be getting around. Sometimes when she stands up she will clap her hands(which throws her off balance and she usually falls because of it) as she is so proud of herself ha her! I have her walking on video...just can't figure out how to get it on her yet...

The move...
This past Saturday we did some shifting of rooms in our house. Deb was upstairs between Brynley's and our room. Since Bryn hasn't been the greatest sleeper we were worried about Deb not getting much sleep. So we talked to her about moving her downstairs to where our computer room was and then moving our computer room stuff upstairs. She was fine with it all...though she did say she never hears Brynley. I think it will be cooler down there for her as well. So hopefully it all works out and she is comfortable down there. It was a lot of work moving the 2 rooms around. We still have to get a lot of the stuff upstairs that is in the living room that was in the computer room. My goal for this week is to get the new computer room all set up and organized...that will be a BIG job! But it will feel good to get it done. Deb is all in her room and seems to be quite comfortable.

Deb and Brynley

Deb went to sit with Bryn and cuddle with her while I was trying to move things upstairs. Bryn ended up falling asleep on her. Once Bryn was asleep I went to pick her up and move her upstairs. Deb looked at me and asked me why Bryn couldn't just stay with her as she was enjoying it. I said no problem and left her with Deb sleeping comfortably. Bryn slept for almost 2 hours.

Tyson was home helping Deb and I. And he wasn't happy about it as he wanted to go with Kent and Cole paint balling with our Elders Quorum Saturday morning. But Ty is not old enough yet. So Deb said she would take Ty to the Flames game with her that night (Saturday) if he helped with Brynley so we could get things done. He was a good helper and was SO excited to go to the Flames game.

Hockey has begun...
Hockey is back in full swing. The boys has hockey evaluations all last week and they are happy with the teams they are on. They both had their first practice Monday night. Hockey keeps us VERY busy...especially our weekends...and so it begins!


Gayla (Mom) said...

Thanks for the update! Brynley is such a cutie! Will be there soon to help celebrate her first birthday. Yeah!

Lynn said...

Sounds like everything is getting back to "normal" and life is busy and full as always.

I had to chuckle at the photos of her getting into the snack cupboard. I bet she is so proud of herself for discovering that! LOL!

Love the photo of her cuddling with grandma
too. ; )

Have fun setting up your computer room! I sure wish I had an excuse to start all over again with ours. IT sure could use it!

Janay said...

Have fun with her walking!! Monkey started in June and gets faster EVERY day. Sometimes I wish she'd just sit, just for 30 seconds :) hahaha Looks like Brynley will be the same!!!

Welcome Home Deb!!!! :)