Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deb is back

Debbie is FINALLY home! She has been gone for 2 months to Ontario (that is where she is from). She was staying with her family out there and had a good time she said. We are glad she was able to get away.

Cole and Tyson wanted to make a couple of signs to put up on our front door for her for when she arrived back home. Cole made the Welcome Home Nanny sign and Tyson made the We missed you sign. They were excited to do this for her as they knew it would make her happy.

Deb and the boys

We are so glad Deb is back home. She was missed and we are happy to have her in our home. She says for now she will base herself out our home since we are kindof central to everyone and everything. And then she will just come and go and visit everyone and travel in the mean time. Her house in Innisfail is rented out until March 2010. So we are happy to have her and we are trying to help make her as comfortable as possible.

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Lynn said...

Oh how sweet. Your boys are sure being raised right. ; )

Welcome home Deb!!