Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The most wondferful time of year...

OK so I have noticed ALL my pics have a blur on them (which ticks me off royally) so just look past it as it makes some of the pics look funny...but what can I do.

First day of school...
the boys started school on Tuesday, September 1, 2009...the happiest day of the year! =) Truly I like them being in school just because then we get back into a routine and it just makes life easier.

Cole reluctantly started grade 6 at the WG Murdoch High School! Yes the grade 6 kids go to the same school as the junior high and high school kids. They are taught no differently than the older kids as they are taught by the same teachers. I was not happy about this as I feel they are being forced to grow up too quickly. Plus they will be exposed to things they just shouldn't have to be exposed to as such an early age.

Cole didn't get all the options he wanted...for example he was put in dance/drama class instead of computer class (bwhahaha). When we picked up his schedule and looked it over Cole had a melt down when he saw dance/drama on there...I on the other hand thought it was HILARIOUS and had to work really hard at not laughing!! No worries though as we got that class changed and he is happy. He likes having a locker and says his first day went really well. He says the teachers sure talk a lot though =)

Tyson started grade 3! He didn't sleep much the night before as he was soooo excited for his first day back to school (ha ha). At the end of the day he came home happy that he got Ms. Barass and not the other grade 3 teacher. Mind you Ms. Barass is new to the school so who knows what she will be like.

Our boys!

They were both VERY excited to wear their new clothes and use their new back packs. I remember that feeling and it was always so fun!

I was surprised when they stood together for this shot and they put their arms around each other without me telling them too. It was a rare moment that is for sure (ha ha)

The kids!
Kent stayed home to help take the kids to school. Since they are each in different schools it made things a little tricky for the first day. Cole wanted me to go with him as he had NO CLUE where to go or what he was supposed to do. So Bryn and I went with Cole. Once we figured out where he was supposed to go he saw his buddies and I slipped out without as I was no longer needed =) Kent went with Tyson over to the elementary school. Bryn and I walked over there as school hadn't started and I wanted to hear who Tyson's teacher was going to be. So in the end it all worked out really well. Tyson was thrilled to have his Dad there too.

Bryn was so happy to see them when they walked in the door after school. I think she was confused as to where they had been. It was cute watching them come in and her great them with a big smile and them pick her up and give her loves.
Cole so nicely pointed out to me the other day that by the time he is in grade 12, Brynely will just be starting Kindergarten...WHAT?!*&$ Who's bright idea was that ha ha.
Can I just say I cannot believe I have a child old enough that has "options" in school...I feel OLD!!

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Lynn said...

LOL!! YOu are NOT old! : D

I hear you about the options thing, though. Curtis was NOT happy that he couldn't change his drama and dance class for construction class. He wanted that one SO bad, cause he loved it last year. There was a girl in his home room that Did NOT want that class at all, and got it....for BOTH semesters. They wouldn't let her and Curtis trade classes either. : (

Your boys are sure handsome in their new school clothes. Love that first day feeling!

HAppy fAll!