Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Fun part 2

Camping in Drumheller... started out with Sheri and her family! From Friday to Sunday.
Sheri had invited our family to go with her and her family camping in Drumheller for one of the last weekends in August. To be honest we (including Sheri) didn't think it would be that great, but we all went anyways (ha ha). Much to our surprise we had a great time and the campground was nice and there is LOT'S to do in Drumheller.

Our campsites were back to back so it was nice to have such a large area between our families. The 4 boys slept out in a tent together. We really didn't see much of the boys the whole time as they had their bikes. So they would take off and go explore and make friends. Often they would go ask other kids if they wanted to play games and what not. They had a lot of fun they said!

At this campground there were a lot of rabbits running around. The kids thought it was neat. Brynley would get so excited every time she saw one and would go crawling after them. They of course would hop away as quick as they could and Bryn would start crawling faster to try to catch up to them =)

We had a portable DVD player that we would put movies on for the kids when needed. Brynley's movie of choice (and the only thing she would watch at the time) was BARNEY!!! Yes you heard me correctly...the big purple guy is watched over and over and over...very painful I must say. And let me tell you it is VERY hard to get those darn songs out of your head (ha). But, ohhhh does she love Barney! She smiles and dances and points at cute!

The weather was AWESOME in Drumheller. There was a little pool where we were camping so the kids swam a lot. Taylor is so good with Brynley. She has gotten to know Taylor and Josh quite well and loves to go to them. She even points and smiles at there picture on our fridge in our house.

Kent playing with all 4 boys in the pool. They were playing all sorts of games. Very entertaining to watch I must say LOL! I don't know who was having more fun...Kent or the boys!

Bryn swimming with Aunt Sheri. Brynley loved the water and was so relaxed in it.

When Bryn didn't want to be in the water she was on the cement by the pool playing. It was quite the task to get her to keep her hat on her head. Kent and Bryn had a good time in the pool together that day.


There was a place just down from our campground that had go-karting so we of course had to let the kids go on it. Sheri went with the 3 boys. Mike and Josh went and played a little miniature golf as Josh didn't want to go go-karting.

We were having such a great time that we didn't want to stop camping. Kent had to go home as he had to work that following week. But we worked it out and we ended up staying there during the week. The kids and I stayed and Kent came out one of the nights during the week.

Niki and Lucas...joined us for the week...from Monday until Friday! We went home on the Sunday to get more things for the week we needed to shower =) Niki decided she wanted to come with us as she didn't have anything else to do. I was glad she came as she was great company.

Lucas wearing Cole's swimming goggles...he looks like an alien (a cute alien that is) =) Niki and Lucas slept out in our big tent and the boys slept in a little tent beside her. Bryn and I were in our fifth wheel. It all worked out really well. Lucas and Brynley are so fun together. They both light up when they see each other. Bryn is a little rough with Lucas since she is 2 months older than him and mobile. Poor Lucas!

Brynley watching Niki, Lucas, Cole and Ty swim. She wasn't feeling good (teething) so I didn't let her in the water as she was G-R-U-M-P-Y! She had fun throwing her toys in the water and having the boys get them for her.

Poor Brynley had a nasty fever for 3 full days and nights! Let me tell you I was EXHAUSTED as there was NO SLEEPING!!! She was miserable and not feeling good. One of her top teeth was coming in. She was very cuddly, but couldn't be without me. I had to be within arms length at all times or she would cry and cry!

On the 4th day her fever FINALLY broke and she was much happier. Only problem was she had now broken out in this horrible rash all over her body and face. It looked like she had a disease. I took her to the Dr when we got home and he said it was a teething rash from her fever and that it would go away in time. It took over a week to go away.
Niki and Lucas were supposed to stay until Sunday, but they ended up having to leave on the Friday. Soooooo....

Jeff and family...joined us Saturday until Sunday!

Bumper boats!

Ok seriously this was SO fun! We all got to go on them and it was a blast. This was right in Drumheller and we passed by it every day. When Jeff and his family came we weren't sure we would all get to go on them as there were 2 babies and 3 little kids. It all worked out good and we all got to go on.

Miniature Golf!

This was right beside the bumper boats so we figured it would be fun to do as well. Jeff and his family did it as well and the kids all had a great time.

If you go to Drumheller you of course have to go up in the giant Dinosaur. It was quite the hike up the stairs into it. The kids thought it was neat. This Dinosaur is massive!
Going camping with Sheri, Niki and Jeff so spontaneously was what made it all fun! I am glad it all worked out the way it did. Lot's of good memories made in that 1 week.

Little Miss... lot's of changes!

She now knows what the trampoline is and she quite likes it. Whenever the boys are on it and she can see they are on it she squeals until they take her on there with them.
She is CRAZY busy and into EVERYTHING!! She loves emptying out whatever she the cupboards (which all have baby locks on them now) and my magazine rack (as you can see in the pictures). One minute I am cleaning up one of her messes just to turn around and clean up another one she just made. She is a quick little thing =)

Brynley is a blanket baby. Neither of the boys were really into there blankets. But Bryn, always has one and cuddles right into it rubbing it on her face and burying her face in it and she hums as she does it.

This is what I came around the corner and saw. The boys had left the pantry door open and she got into the cereal. She was eating away and quite happy to show me what she was eating (ha)

At the end of July she took 2 steps. Since then we have been walking with her and trying to get her to walk as hockey is starting soon and I don't want her crawling around in those nasty arenas. Just this past weekend she took 4 steps on her own at Sheri's house. She is so close! Brynley now has 5 teeth and 6th one almost out.

Bryn has temper tantrums now and knows what things toys in a store, stuffed animals...animals of any kind! When she sees something she likes she points at it and says "ohhhhh." It isn't that fun shopping with her to say the least as she wants to touch everything and doesn't want to sit in her stroller.

The boys...

They started their hockey conditioning tonight. Jeff came to our rescue and took the boys for us. Our ice in Crossfield isn't set yet so we have to use the Carstairs arena for now. Kent had meetings until late tonight and Bryn goes to bed by 8 so we didn't know what we were going to do about getting the boys there. Thanks again Jeff you are AWESOME! Jeff's son Logan started hockey tonight as well. I can't wait to see him on the ice playing. It is so fun to watch when they are little like that. The boys tryouts start on Thursday. Tyson is an Atom now and Cole is a PeeWee. And so the business starts with hockey...


cheetah said...

what a super fantastic summer! How fun! We wanted to go to Drumheller as well but we ran out of time. By the looks of it, we have got to do it.

Lynn said...

Oh my! How did I miss so many posts? That darn blogger update thing again. Oh....and of course you went private again! Silly me! Here I was wondering why I hadn't seen an update for you in awhile. Thought you got kidnapped. : D

Bryn SURE is a busy little girl....but she is SO cute! Glad to hear that her teeth are now in. That fever rash sounded quite nasty! I have never heard of such a thing.