Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where did Summer go? part 1

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we didn't really get a Summer? It came and went so quickly! Here is some of the fun we were able to have this Summer...


We had gone down to my sister (Emily's) house and met most of my family down at her place for the July 4th celebrations. Man the U.S. sure knows how to was SO fun! Since we had missed Canada Day we decided to wear our Canada shirts to the July 4th celebrations. I am not sure if we were brave or stupid for doing that LOL but in the end I am so glad we did. We went to Emily's town clebrations first thing this in the morning for pancake breakfast and their parade. The kids even got to decorate their bikes and be apart of the parade which they loved.

Family fun with Cousins, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles

Later in the afternoon their town had a fair type of thing with all sorts of booths and activities for everyone. The kids had a blast!

One of the most fun things the boys got to do was fish for a fish with there hands in a fish pond. Yes you heard me was nasty to smell, but so fun to watch as the kids were just having so much fun trying to catch these fish with their hands.

They even got to be a part of a basketball group that with their cousins and they had a fun time doing that even though they got slaughtered LOL! Tyson kept trying to check people as he is so used to hockey and not was fun to watch!

Stadium of Fire...

Months ago we all bought tickets to The Stadium of Fire in Provo Utah. Wow was that ever a neat place to be for their July 4th party. Glenn Beck was the host, SheDaisy sang as well as the Jonas Brothers. Man it was CRAZY in the stands...not only little girls were screaming...let me tell you there were some grown older women going just as nuts for the Jonas Brothers. Our boys and us had wide eyes with pure shock on our faces as we looked around in the stands (ha ha). My boys had more fun laughing at the girls/ladies being stupid than watching the show.

Fighter planes flew over as well as these massive army helicopters. The dancers were amzing to watch as well. They had this MASSIVE American flag haning during the ceremony. It was held up by 2 cranes.


We finally got the boat out on the lake and had a great time doing that. It was Brynley's first time being on the boat and she LOVED it! Within minutes she fell asleep. So we laid her down on the floor and she slept for an was great! Jeff and his family spent the day with us and we had a nice time. It was fun to have Logan (4 yrs old) and Jade (5yrs old) out on the tube with the kids.

Utah again...Lagoona Beach

Brynley in her CUTE bathing suit and her ohhhh so cute cousin Roel (2 yrs old). Roel was so good to her and they really played well with each other.

We decided to go back down to Utah since we weren't able to finish doing all the stuff we had planned to do the first time we had come down (we went home earlier in July to be with Russ). We went to Lagoon and spent the morning at Lagoona Beach on all the fun water slides and tube rides.

Cole and Tyson on one of the tube rides.

Kent, Gary, Cole and Tyson on some of the may rides at Lagoon.

Once we were done at Lagoona Beach we went and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening over on the amusement side of Lagoon.

Kent and I...Gary took this picture at the perfect can see me screaming and Kent's face is so red from him yelling as well =)

Kent and I decided to go on a ride called The Catapult...yes either we were crazy or stupid that day ha...but we did it and it was fun. We have the entire ride on DVD (to prove we actually did it) as they have a camera set up on there watching you. Lets just say I was screaming VERY LOUDLY and Kent was as well ha ha ha ha.

Tyson and Gary went on The Catapult as well! I was a little concerned about Ty, but it didn't even bother him. There was NO WAY Cole was getting on that ride he said =)

Cherry Hill Water Park...

This is what the water park looks like

This was SO fun! My sister and her family as well as Gary and his family and us of course all went here together. This is really close to Lagoon as well. There is tube rides, batting cages, miniture golf etc... all at this place. Last time I was here was when I was 12 years old...lot's of good memories =)

Unfortunely I could never find the boys to take pics of them. So here is Bryn having fun in the kids area. It was so neat there and we all had a blast!

The Osenbach home...

Cole playing with Bryn...this was so sweet! She loved this little red car and Cole was so good about pushing her around in it. I am not sure who had more fun Bryn or Cole as they were both grinning ear to ear. Cole is an AWESOME big brother!

Uncle Mark playing football with the kids. Mark is such a good Uncle and has always been so good with the kids. Our kids LOVE spending time with the Osenbach family. Nathan was trying to "fix" a bike in one of the pics (he is so cute and I miss him a lot). We also took our fifth wheel down there and camped outside there place. They have a HUGE acre or more lot!

The Osenbach Family!

Mark, Elizabeth (10 yrs old), Emily, Maxwell (12 yrs old), Korhman (8 yrs old), Nathan (2 yrs old), Calvin (4 yrs old)

(This family picture is an older one, but it was all I had with ALL the family in it. )

My sister Emily is amazing with how on top of things she is. She has a beautiful even made me want to do one...then I thought a little longer about it...and I am still thinking ha ha. I only get to see her once a year so we always do a girls night out while I am there. I am not happy that we don't have any pics of us together from this trip or ANY of our trips. SO next year when we are there Em I want a picture of you and I together FOR SURE!! Love you and thanks for putting up with us in July....twice =)

I have more Summer pics but this post was already toooooo long so I am breaking it up and will do a part 2 post =)

This came and went because of everything going on with Russ and we really didn't have that great of weather this year either.

It has been a Summer of learning, a Summer of good times, a Summer of sad times, a Summer of unmistakeable heart break and most of all a Summer of togetherness which is what I loved the most!

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Lynn said...

WOW! I am so glad you guys got the chance to go back and have some family fun and time. Looks like it was a great summer.

LOVE the photo of you two in that catapult!!! LOL!!!!!
There is NO way you'd catch me doing that. What a brave girl you are!