Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Brynley!!

I cannot express to you how quickly this past year has gone by. Hard to believe that our baby girl is already 1 years old!

Brynley Colleen Sheri Stanford
October 5, 2008
9 p0unds 4 oz 21 inches long

Birthday Party...
We decided to have Brynley's birthday party on Friday, October 2 as it was just easier and more convenient for family to come. I have been planning this day for a year now (ha) and let me tell you it was fun getting ready for it, but stressful.

Thank goodness my Mom came up from Cardston Thursday afternoon. She met me in Calgary (by Niki's home) and picked up Bryn and took her to my house for me as Niki and I were trying to get Bryn's cake iced and decorated. It was turning out to be a nightmare as it was WAY harder to decorate than we thought it would be....PLUS having 2 babies crying and what not didn't help. I thought it would take us 3-4 hours to took 12 hours...I kid you not!!! It was midnight by the time we were done and let me tell you we couldn't stand looking at that cake anymore LOL

The cake

Niki and Lucas came and stayed over night Thursday night to help with everything that needed to be done before the party Friday. Niki and my Mom have been incredibly helpful and SO needed the past few days...THANKS AGAIN you guys!!!

Here is Bryn the morning of her party (this past Friday). She was hanging out in the computer room with my Mom. My Mom put this tiara on her and she quite liked it as you can see.

Tyson put on the Princess Jewellery quite willingly...we had a good laugh and told him this picture would come back to haunt him one day. Brynley thought it was great! He loves having a baby sister.

Some of the decorations

We had a FULL house for her party. It meant A LOT to us all that came and showed their love and support for Bryn. She had NO CLUE what was going on, but she was happy to be there. Between Kent's siblings, their spouses and kids and some of my siblings and their families...we were packed in there!

Bryn seeing her cake...her reaction was WONDERFUL! She loved it and was shaking she was so excited...the 12 hours was worth it (ha ha).

Cole was supposed to be gone camping with his scouts from our ward. But there was no way he was missing Bryn's Birthday he told. She is one lucky girl to have brothers who love her so dearly!

When I brought the cake over to and everyone started singing Happy Birthday to her I admit I had to stop singing as I tears started to well up in my eyes. I was having one of those "oh my gosh" moments and I just couldn't believe she was already turning 1 years old.

Brynley eating her cake...and enjoying it too =)

She has the craziest hair as you can see. We did have what little hair she does have up in a little pony tail on top of her head with a cute red bow...but she pulled it out of course and then it was sticking up all over the place.

Bryn right before she pulled her hair things out

Present opening...she was quite spoiled! She loved all of her gifts and plays with them daily.

A quick shout out to my sister in law Johanna who was SOOOOO good about video taping the party for me. After the party was done and everyone was visiting Johanna got busy in the kitchen and cleaned everything up for me before she left. I was so thankful for her kindness as there was a BIG mess to clean up. THANKS JOHANNA you are wonderful!

Brynley's Aunt Niki made this cute apron for her. How cute is this eh?! Looooove it! Niki is making me a matching one with the same fabric, just a different pattern.

Playing with her "new" toys

Thanks again to Niki and my Mom for ALL of their help! I needed both of them in order for me to be able to get things done and they did above and beyond what I could have asked you guys! =)

These are some of my FAVORITE pictures of Brynley over the past year...

5 week old Brynley

More random pics throughout the past year that I LOVE!

Our 1st Family to be cherished!

This family picture is one of my favorites. We will be getting new ones done again here right away...but I truly LOVE this picture! It speaks volumes and it was a long awaited for. Our family truly is complete and it is such a good feeling. Brynley was not expected and so welcome when she FINALLY did arrive after waiting 6 LONG years for her.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Sweet Girl!!


The Caballero's said...

Aww Barb! This post made me all teary eyed. very sweet! I cant believe its been a year already. Its almost criminal how fast that baby stage goes. She is a beautiful little girl and most definetely meant to be in your family. I can tell she is so loved by all! Happy Birthday Bryn!

cheetah said...

WOW to all of that! That cake, is amazing!!!! What a party. Bryn is adorable and I love how her brothers are so into it!

Lynn said...

Oh WOW! What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little girl! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a sweet one year old so loved by many.

Barb...that cake was amazing!!!!! So glad she showed such excitement for it. What little girl wouldn't. : D