Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, where to begin...

Last weekend was nice having all of Kent's siblings and their families and Kent's parents all together. Friday we all got together at our place in Crossfield and had a BBQ. It was nice to have all the little cousins together and to visit with everyone and play some games. Russ slept a lot, but would come out every once in a while to visit. He said that he slept well and that when his body layed on the bed he said all he could think was, "awww this feels good." I am SO glad he was able to sleep well.

Kent, Kori, Avery and Jeff asleep on our bed Friday afternoon the day. Kori and Avery are Jeff's girls. They were exhausted from being up until the early morning hours visiting with their parents when they first arrived home. So they decided to take a nap while the little ones were guys =)

Roel (Gary's son), Isla (Mike's daughter), Jade and Kori (Jeff's daughters)

Nieces and Nephews watching a movie together

Cole and Taylor (Sheri's son) are on the chairs and Logan (Jeff's son) is laying on the couch
We ended up having a full house with families and cousins sleeping over that didn't plan on it...which we were so glad they did! Saturday morning we had a big breakfast for everyone and called Jeff and his family and Gary and his family to come over as well (Gary was staying at Jeff's). We LOVED having everyone around like this it was great! I am ticked at myself for not taking pics during the BBQ but I was busy visiting so I didn't even think about it...oh well!?

Saturday we all headed up to Sheri's (except for Mike and family as they had to go back to Lethbridge) for the day. Sheri had made a wonderful lunch. We visited and played some games some more and then the guys watched their awful UFC fighting show ha ha. Deb and Russ decided they would stay at Sheri's the next few nights as they wanted to go to their home ward on Sunday up there in Innisfail and plus he had his Dr appointment in Red Deer on Monday.

Mondays Dr appointment with the surgeon was kind of uneventful...lot's of talking and them giving the surgeon all the results and paperwork they had from the Malaysia hospital. Of course the Surgeon wanted to look over everything and do some of his own testing and said he would get back to them. It was a LONG week as the Surgeon didn't call until Thursday. He thinks there is more cancer there than what the Malaysia Dr's caught and wants to do some more testing.

Russ also met with an Oncologist on Thursday and he "thinks" the type of cancer Russ "might" have is Renal Cell Carcinoma. I looked it up on the internet and well I still don't know what to think. We are waiting to see if any surgeons will be willing to operate on him or what the next step is. It is frustrating to say the least.

Russ has his ups and downs, but still has a good sense of humor about him. It is hard to see him like this...but we are thankful he is here and not in Malaysia anymore.

Russ and Brynley hanging out on our deck in the backyard today. It was beautiful out and the sun was shining...that is why Bryn is squinting as the sun was right in her face...but she was still smiling LOL.

And yes, that is how her hair is...I did not do it like that. I get people stopping me and asking me that question all the time...she has a natural phohawk and then that lovely swirl (cowlick) dead center on the front of her head...poor baby! ha ha Notice she isn't wearing any hair thing...she pulls them off her head now and I can't get her to leave the alone dang it! I have had many chats with her to "remind" her about the "rules" of wearing her hair things...when out in public or with company they are a MUST! ha ha But she is showing me otherwise...little turkey!

Our nieces and nephew came over this afternoon and since it was nice out we decided to put the sprinkler on under the trampoline for them. This was a first for them so they thought it was great! They of course didn't have their swim suits so we stripped them down and let them have fun anyways ha ha.

Russ and Deb are sleeping at our place tonight (Friday, May 29th). Jeff is laying his sod on Saturday and so everyone who can come help is going to be over there. So Russ and Deb wanted to be where everyone is. It is nice to have them here with us again.

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Lynn said...

There is nothing like family, is there. Your house hold is PLUM full! So busy you are. But crazy fun it is. It's nice that your in-laws have a place to stay for awhile.

Hope all goes well with the doctor's visits.