Friday, May 22, 2009

They are home, they are home, they are home!

This week has been a long one for our family (OUR family meaning all of us Stanford's). We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my in laws and they are FINALLY home. I have to say it is SO interesting how one minute they were on the other side of the world and now they are right in front of is amazing how that works!

Deb & Russ's plane arrived a few minutes early (11:17 pm) last night. We were all at the airport about 2 hours early. I had bought poster board and brought crayons and felt markers for the kids to make "Welcome Home" posters to hold up. They were excited about doing that. Plus it gave them something to do while we were waiting. I didn't know if we should bring the boys or not...but there was no way we couldn't as they were just as anxious to see them as us. In the end I am so glad I did.

Cole, Tyson and Roel making their posters. Everyone else was just hanging out and visiting.

Cole's poster says "Returned with Honour" and he drew some scriptures on there and a tag with their names on it. Tyson's poster said (and I am going to spell it ALL like he did as it was cute) "I love you gus (gus meaning guys) i mist (meaning missed) you Welcome Home." He is so funny!

We were all excited to see them. We all were just focusing on keeping our emotions in check and just happy that they are coming home. They were only gone 7 months but it seems like they were gone longer as SO much has changed since they were gone. There was 4 babies born while they were gone.

We were all lined up along the little wall waiting for them to come through those doors. I had my video camera AND my camera going. So my pics aren't as good as I wanted...but some are better than none!

Waiting and waiting for them to come through those doors. It was SO late, but the kids all did so well.

Russ and Deb talking with their Bishop that came to the airport all the way from Innisfail.

When Deb came around the corner first and saw us it was a tender moment as tears began to stream down her cheeks. The boys were holding up there posters they had made for them to see. Russ was being pushed in a wheel chair behind her as she was pushing all the luggage. He too had tears pouring down his cheeks when he saw everyone. Tyson was VERY quick to jump up and go hug them.

Everyone visiting and lots of hugging going on =)

Russ and Deb are going to be staying at our house until they know where Russ will be having surgery or getting treated...whether it is in Calgary or Edmonton. I guess they have some Dr appointments lined up on Monday.

We moved Tyson downstairs so that Russ didn't have to climb the stairs. Tyson was thrilled about this as he has been wanting to have his bedroom downstairs like Cole for a while now. So Deb and Russ are upstairs and we made up that room as comfy as possible for them. We aren't sure how long they will be staying with us. In the end it doesn't matter as long as they are comfortable.

We visited with them till about 2 am. To them it was like 4 pm in the afternoon so they are really turned around time wise. It was neat to hear some of their stories. Everyone will be coming out to our place today to come visit.

Russ is pretty frail. He has lost weight already and talks so softly almost like he can't catch his breath. He coughs a lot as well. So the journey begins!


Lynn said...

I am really loving the updates. I feel the LOVE that your family has for one another right through the photos and your writings.

It's good to know that they will be staying with you. Your home is full of the spirit, I can feel that, even having never been there. They will for sure be comfortable and at peace there.

And what a wonderful opportunity for your kids to be so close to their grandparents at this trial and time in their lives. This clearly takes me back to my childhood, when my grandparents moved in with us, as my grandmother was very ill. I will always cherish those memories I have of that time with them.

Erica said...

Glad they made it back safely and I know that they will be fortified by your family as they share your home at this trying time. There's nothing more comforting than being able to cuddle a little one and that Brynley has quite the smile :>

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I'm glad you are all togheter. Specially in this hard moments of your father in-law. Cole is so cute with his spelling. That is hilarious. Barb you are such a great girl and I really admire how you guys love some much each other.
best wishes.