Monday, May 4, 2009

Hockey wind up parties

Cole's Teams Hockey wind up party

Cole's team went to the Deerfoot Mall bowling alley and had a good time there. There was pizza and pop afterwards as well. Once they were done that they handed out a couple of gifts that they got the kids.

It was this mat with there team logo on it and name and hockey number...the mat is for them to put on the floor and use in the changing room as they get changed. They also each got a gift certificate for $55 to Eastside Sports. Cole is excited about that as he wants to put that money towards new hockey gear he said.

In top right corner of all the pics is "Little Miss." She was tired as it was her nap time and it was WAY too loud in there for her to be able to fall asleep. We of course didn't have her we went into the mall and rented one of these mall stroller things. She thought it was great. We let her sit in it for a bit and then we put her in her car seat and sat it on it and covered her up and went for a walk around the mall. She was asleep in no time and I enjoyed walking around the mall while she slept.

Cole's hockey team

We are going to actually really miss Cole's team as this was such a great year. The kids all got along great and so did all the parents. We made some great friends!

Tyson's teams hockey wind up party

Tyson's hockey team

Tyson's team went to Strathmore to the laser tag place there. They had a great time and lots of the Dad's played as well. Afterwards there was pizza, chips & pop.

They too got gifts...they each got a mat with there team name, logo, hockey number and last name on it as well...and a gift certificate to the sports shop in Airdrie. The kids were pretty excited about there gifts.

Have I mentioned how HAPPY I am that hockey is done?! ha ha

Spring Fling Dance... This is a dance that the elementary school puts on every year for families to come and have fun at. Plus each grade is taught a dance routine that they do for the parents. I have to say it was hilarious to watch. We took our niece Jade with us as she goes to the same school and she so badly wanted to be able to go do her dance as well.

Tyson and Cole had a good time with their friends there. Since Cole's grade is the oldest grade in the school they had "responsibilities" to do at the dance. Cole's job was to help hand pick names out of the draw baskets to see who won things at the end of the dance.

I went looking for Jade at one point during the dance and I couldn't find her. I started to panic since I couldn't find her...right then I looked up on the stage where the D.J. was playing the music and right where the LOUD speakers are there was Jade and her friend dancing away (bottom right picture). She is way to funny! She was having a great time on that stage.

I video taped all 3 of the kids dances. You will have to bear with me as I am still trying to figure out how to sperate the videos from being all clumped together on the downloads. So for now this will have to do. So this is the is long as they are all together =) Plus it was dark in there so it is hard to see the kids.

The video start off with Tyson dancing with Bryn on the dance floor and showing her off to some friends.

Then Jade's Kindergarten class cute!
Then Tyson's Grade 2 classes...HILARIOUS!!!
Then finally Cole's Grade 5!

Sick baby...

Bryn has been sick, poor baby! She is doing better now, but it took over a week for her to get rid of that darn cold. I took this pic cause I wanted a pic of her with the teddy bear Kent had made for her at Christmas time. She loves this teddy bear!

Cheesy grin...

This is Brynley's "new" smile lately. She squishes up her nose and squints her eyes and smiles is hilarious! She sure can make some funny faces. She almost looks like she is crying, but she isn't she is very happy in these pics LOL.

Sunday dress...

How cute is this outfit eh?! I had my sister in law Niki make a matching hair turned out so good. Thanks again Niki! Bryn's shirt says...Cuter Than Most =) Underneath her little tutu on her legs are these leggings called Baby legs...SO FUN! She wore this outfit to church.


Gayla said...

I figured out how to get to your blog on my new laptop while in Arizona . Yippee
Love the new blog page and reread and had fun looking at the pictures again. Brynley absolutely makes me laugh out loud! She loves the camera eh?
So cute in her outfit and love the silver in her bow too.
I could not enlarge the first set of pictures but the others enlarged just great with a double click.
Thanks for the effort you make in doing your blogs.
Miss you all.

Lynn said...

I TOO LOVE your new blog look.

Bryn is SO adorable!!! I could kiss her cheeks all day. You lucky mom you. ; )

Lynn said...

P.S. You were wearing Cole's jersey! WOW! You look great!

cheetah said...

I'm an idiot! I just realized that since your blog is private, I have to check it to see if you have posted! I thought google reader would tell me. Nope! so now I am caught up on all the hockey news. I love calgary flames fans!!