Friday, May 15, 2009

Lot's going on...

OK, so I learned a valuable lesson a couple of weeks ago...NEVER to let myself dye my children's hair again LOL!

Tyson's actually didn't turn out so bad...Cole's on the other hand...NOT GOOD! His hair took the blonde way quicker than Ty's hair did LOL. Poor Cole looked like a girl!

My kids have wanted to grow their hair out. I am not so happy about that, but I thought why fight them on it, it really isn't that big of a deal...pick my battles...right?! And in the end I figured they could see for themselves that having their hair longer is a pain and a lot of work. Sooooo... that back fired as Cole LOVED his hair longer...and we, his parents couldn't stand it!

Tyson told me Monday night he wanted his hair cut as he didn't like it anymore (YEAH).

He said, "Mom if I get my hair cut short again can I have my hair dyed?" (meaning he wanted highlights on the top part of his hair)

I thought why not this will be better than what he has now. So I agreed and he was so was I as I couldn't wait for him to have shorter hair LOL

His hair got cut, we bought some hair dye and we went home. Easy right?! Well, not when you are tired ha ha. I figured what harm can it do if I just use my fingers to brush it in on top...I mean really?? So I did just that and sent him away to watch t.v. for a half an hour as it was supposed to stay on for that long. Looking at the left over bottle we didn't really use hardly any of it. So I thought, why not put some in Cole's hair. So I called Cole upstairs and asked him if he wanted some highlights and he said yes and he was excited. I started to put it in and then realized this probably wasn't a good idea as Cole had a TON of hair and it was thick. SO I figured why not just put it all over it then and that would be quicker. And if it doesn't turn out then worst case scenario then he gets a hair cut and that would be great LOL....he wouldn't be happy about that as his hair is his big thing right now...but we his parents would be THRILLED to have his hair shorter again. =)

Cole at first didn't mind the blonde till I convinced him it was awful looking. I called my sister Becky who is a hair dresser and asked what we should do. She told my kids to NEVER let me do that to them again and if I wanted to that they should RUN! LOL Sadly, I agree! Apparently there is a lot more skill in dying hair than I thought ha ha

She told me what hair dye to buy to fix it and so the next morning I kept him home from school and we went out to Sheri's and dyed it there. Yes, I did keep him home from school because of his hair...I know! I was scared to re-dye it on my own so I had Niki and Sheri there as my support LOL We were able to get it back as close as we could to to his "natural" hair color. But it still looked not so good so we told him it needed to be cut...he wasn't happy!

Oh poor Cole!


My 3 wonderful kids and I. I was looking back at my last years Mother's Day post when I was pregnant. It has come full circle and I love my complete little family. It is all I could have ever asked for and more. I love being a Mom! This picture was taken near the end of the day so we were a little tired. Cole and Tyson look very handsome with their new hair dos I must say =)


cheetah said...

I can't believe they are all grown up! Except for Bryn of course! How sweet!

Lynn said...


Tell the boys that I TOTALLY think their new hair cuts look WAY cool! ; )

I am SO frustrated that my blog list does NOT inform me when you have updated your blog. Grrr! I don't get it...

Oh, well, I am off to get caught up. I am looking forward to reading more. : D